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Fierce Ink Press

Books from this publisher

No Matter How Improbable: A Portia Adams Adventure (Book 3)

by (author) Angela Misri

Call of the Sea

by (author) Amanda Labonté


by (author) Natalie Corbett Sampson

The Asp

by (author) B.R. Meyers

Thrice Burned: A Portia Adams Adventure (Book 2)

by (author) Angela Misri

Kissing Frogs

by (author) Alisha Sevingny

The Summer It All Went Wrong

by (author) Trevor J. Adams

Becoming Fierce: Teen Stories IRL

foreword by Susin Nielsen
edited by Allister Thompson
contributions by Jo Treggiari, Gerard Collins, Ben Boudreau, Chris Benjamin, Alison DeLory, Lee D. Thompson, Chad Pelley, Patti Larsen, Cale Liom & Jamie Fitzpatrick

The Night Is Found

by (author) Kat Kruger

Leaving for Good

by (author) Sarah Sawler

Fierce Shorts Bundle, Vol. 2

by (author) Chad Pelley & Jo Treggiari

The Middle

by (author) Katie Ingram

Fierce Shorts Bundle, Vol. 1

by (author) Colleen McKie & Patti Larsen

Jewel of the Thames

by (author) Angela Misri
illustrated by Sydney Smith

No Greater Love Than This

by (author) Joel Kelly

Diary of a Fluky Kid

by (author) Lee D. Thompson

I Think We've All Learned Something Here

by (author) Nils Ling

Say It's Okay

by (author) Benjamin Boudreau

Game Plan

by (author) Natalie Corbett Sampson

Some of My Parts

by (author) Alison DeLory

Fireworks 1976

by (author) Gail Lethbridge

The Night Has Claws

by (author) Kat Kruger

Never Grow Up

by (author) Anna Quon

Learning How To Speak

by (author) Crystal Vaughan


by (author) Carol Moreira

These Memories Can't Wait

by (author) Jamie Fitzpatrick


by (author) Chris Benjamin

I Used to Think I'd Make a Good Boy

by (author) Carol Little

The Long Last Year

by (author) Gerard Collins

Walking Away

by (author) Robert Rayner

I Died on a Hot June Day

by (author) Sheree Fitch

Before I Was Me

by (author) Chad Pelley

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