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Brindle & Glass Publishing

Books from this publisher

Freddy's War

by (author) Judy Schultz

Believing Cedric

by (author) Mark Lavorato

Happiness Economics

by (author) Shari Lapena

Catch Me When I Fall

by (author) Patricia Westerhof

The Canterbury Trail

by (author) Angie Abdou

In and Down

by (author) Brett Savory

The Reckoning of Boston Jim

Sage Island

One Chrysanthemum

The Tartarus House on Crab

by (author) George Szanto


Difficulty at the Beginning Book 2

by (author) Keith Maillard


Difficulty at the Beginning Book 1

by (author) Keith Maillard

Climbing Patrick's Mountain

A Novel

by (author) Des Kennedy

Many Foundations

Historic Churches of Alberta

by (author) Mary Oakwell

Looking Good

Difficulty at the Beginning Book 4

by (author) Keith Maillard

Blue Duets

by (author) Kathleen Wall

The Matter of Sylvie

by (author) Lee Kvern

Tornado Magnet

A Salute to Trailer Court Women

by (author) Darrin Hagen

What We're Left With

by (author) Ben Murray

Falling from Grace

by (author) Ann Eriksson


On the Move with the Buffalo Gals

by (author) Conni Massing

Sweetness from Ashes

by (author) Marlyn Horsdal

Island Kids

by (author) Tara Saracuse

The Age of Water Lilies

by (author) Theresa Kishkan

Hooker & Brown

A Novel

by (author) Jerry Auld

Grace River

by (author) Rebecca Hendry

A Raw Mix of Carelessness and Longing

by (author) Cecelia Frey

In the Hands of Anubis

by (author) Ann Eriksson

Sage Island

by (author) Samantha Warwick

Things Go Flying

by (author) Shari Lapena

One Crow Sorrow

by (author) Lisa Martin-DeMoor

The Reckoning of Boston Jim

by (author) Claire Mulligan

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