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Brindle & Glass Publishing

Books from this publisher

The Long Walk Home

Paul Franklin's Journey from Afghanistan

by (author) Liane Faulder

A Ghost in Waterloo Station

by (author) Bert Almon

Forgotten Highways

Wilderness Journeys Down the Historic Trails of the Canadian Rockies

by (author) Nicky L. Brink & Stephen R. Bown

Crown Shyness

by (author) Curtis Gillespie

The Edmonton Queen

The Final Voyage

by (author) Darrin Hagen

Dancing Nightly in the Tavern

by (author) Mark Anthony Jarman

The Five Hole Stories

by (author) Dave Bidini

The Wolves at Evelyn

Journeys through a Dark Century

by (author) Harold Rhenisch

One Chrysanthemum

by (author) Joan Itoh Burk

Lyndon Johnson and the Majorettes

Difficulty at the Beginning Book 3

by (author) Keith Maillard

Winging Home

A Palette of Birds

by (author) Harold Rhenisch

The Power of Ignorance

The Play

by (author) T.J. Dawe & Chris Gibbs

Irresponsible Freaks, Highball Guzzlers and Unabashed Grafters

A Bob Edwards Chrestomathy

by (author) Bob Edwards
edited by James Martin
introduction by Allan Fotheringham

Laying Down the Lines

A History of Land Surveying in Alberta

by (author) Judy Larmour

Madonna List, The

by (author) Max Foran

The Madonna List

by (author) Max Foran

Lonesome Hero

by (author) Fred Stenson


by (author) Lee Kvern


The Blinding Enlightenment of Nikola Tesla

by (author) Electric Company Theatre


True Stories of River City Kids

by (author) Linda Goyette

Eye Opener Bob

The Story of Bob Edwards

by (author) Grant MacEwan
introduction by Will Ferguson
edited by James Martin

Hope's Last Home

Travels in Milk River Country

by (author) Tony Rees


a one-person show

by (author) T.J. Dawe


by (author) Art Norris

A Century of Grant MacEwan

Selected Writings

by (author) Grant MacEwan
edited by Lee Shedden

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