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Books from this publisher

Measure Yourself Against the Earth

by (author) Mark Kingwell

The Orange Grove

by (author) Larry Tremblay

Martin John

by (author) Anakana Schofield


by (author) Kevin Hardcastle


The Culture and Credo of the Gun

by (author) A.J. Somerset

Cape Breton is the Thought Control Center of Canada

by (author) Ray Smith

The Video Watcher

by (author) Shawn Curtis Stibbards

The Camera Always Lies

by (author) Hugh Hood


by (author) Judith McCormack

Bonobo Inc

The Race to Save Bonobos in the Congo and Make Conservation Go Viral

by (author) Deni Béchard

Bonobo Inc

The Race to Save Bonobos in the Congo and Make Conservation Go Viral

by (author) Bechard Deni

A History of Forgetting

by (author) Caroline Adderson

Montreal Before Spring

by (author) Robert Melancon
translated by Donald McGrath

My Shoes Are Killing Me

by (author) Robyn Sarah


by (author) Zachariah Wells

Postcards of Essex County

by (author) David Newman

50 Greatest Redwings

by (author) Bob Duff

River and the Land

by (author) Patrick Brode

The Pebble Chance

by (author) Marius Kociejowski

50 Greatest Red Wings

by (author) Bob Duff

From the Vault

The Windsor Star Archives

by (author) Marty Beneteau

How to Breathe Underwater

Field Reports from an Age of Radical Change

by (author) Chris Turner

The Freedom in American Songs

by (author) Kathleen Winter


by (author) Kerry-Lee Powell

Lunar Attractions

by (author) Clark Blaise


by (author) Ray Robertson

An Aesthetic Underground

A Literary Memoir

by (author) John Metcalf

By the Book

Stories and Pictures

by (author) Diane Schoemperlen

Granma Nineteen and the Soviet's Secret

by (author) Ondjaki
translated by Stephen Henighan


by (author) C.P. Boyko

All Saints

by (author) K.D. Miller

Glad and Sorry Seasons

by (author) Catherine Chandler

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