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George Melnyk

George Melnyk is an associate professor of Canadian studies and film studies in the Faculty of Communication and Culture, University of Calgary. He is a cultural historian who specializes in Canadian cinema. Among his film publications are One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema (2004) and Great Canadian Film Directors (2007). Most recently he has published The Young, the Restless, and the Dead: Interviews with Canadian Filmmakers (2008) in the Film and Media Studies series at WLU Press.

Books by George Melnyk

Breaking Words

Literary Confessions

by (author) George Melnyk

Finding Refuge in Canada

Narratives of Dislocation

edited by George Melnyk & Christina Parker

We are One

Poems from the Pandemic

edited by George Melnyk

The North End Revisited

Photographs by John Paskievich

by (author) John Paskievich
introduction by Stephen Osborne
text by George Melnyk
interviewer Alison Gillmor

Writing Alberta

Building on a Literary Identity

edited by George Melnyk & Donna Coates
contributions by Katherine Govier, Tasha Hubbard, Geo Takach, Neil Querengesser, Cynthia Zimmerman, Harry Vandervlist, Joseph Pivato, Moira Day, R. Douglas Francis & Jars Balan

First Person Plural

by (author) George Melnyk

Film and the City

The Urban Imaginary in Canadian Cinema

by (author) George Melnyk

Art of University Teaching

edited by George Melnyk & Christine Mason Sutherland

The Gendered Screen

Canadian Women Filmmakers

edited by Brenda Austin-Smith & George Melnyk

The Young, the Restless, and the Dead

Interviews with Canadian Filmmakers

edited by George Melnyk

Wild Words

Essays on Alberta Literature

edited by Donna Coates & George Melnyk

Young, the Restless, and the Dead, The

Interviews with Canadian Filmmakers

by (author) George Melnyk

The Prairie West as Promised Land

contributions by Doug Owram, R. Douglas Francis, Chris Kitzan, Laurence Kitzan, Matthew Wrangler, David Hall, Sarah Carter, Anthony W. Rasporich, Bill Waiser, Randi Warne, Bradford J. Rennie, Catherine A. Cavanaugh, Steve Hewitt, George Melnyk, Michael Fedyk & Brett Fairbairn

Great Canadian Film Directors

edited by George Melnyk

Elegy for a Poem Garden

by (author) George Melnyk

One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema

by (author) George Melnyk

My Mother is an Alien

Ten Takes on Life and Film

by (author) George Melnyk

Canada and the New American Empire

War and Anti-War

edited by George Melnyk
contributions by Douglas Roche, Tareq Y. Ismael, Jacqueline S. Ismael, Trudy Govier, Colleen Beaumier, Joyce Patel, Jim Harding, David Swann, Bill Phipps, Donn Lovett, Arthur Clark, Robert Hackett, Scott Ritter, Imtiaz Hussain, Satya R. Pattnayak & Mel Hurtg

The Wild Rose Anthology of Alberta Prose

edited by George Melnyk & Tamara Seiler
contributions by Ninoxkyaio, Mary Schaffer, Fred Stenson, Monica Hopkins & Thomas King


by (author) George Melnyk

All of Baba's Children

by (author) Myrna Kostash
edited by George Melnyk


by (author) George Melnyk