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New Material Rhetorics for Precarious Species

by (author) Jennifer Clary-Lemon

Just Like Us

A Veterinarian’s Visual Memoir of Our Vanishing Great Ape Relatives

by (author) Rick Quinn
foreword by Jane Goodall


A Year of Bees

by (author) Jenna Butler


A Guide to the Victims of the International Orca Slave Trade

by (author) Captain Paul Watson & Tiffany Humphrey


by (author) Joanna Lilley

The North Atlantic Right Whale

Past, Present, and Future

by (author) Joann Hamilton-Barry

Great Soul of Siberia

Passion, Obsession, and One Man's Quest for the World's Most Elusive Tiger

by (author) Sooyong Park
foreword by John Vaillant

Once They Were Hats

In Search of the Mighty Beaver

by (author) Frances Backhouse

Fishermen Through and Through

by (author) Colleen Sydor
illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

Arctic Icons

How the Town of Churchill Learned to Love its Polar Bears

by (author) Ed Struzik

Ivory, Horn and Blood

Behind the Elephant and Rhinoceros Poaching Crisis

by (author) Ronald Orenstein
foreword by Iain Douglas-Hamilton

The Endangered Species Road Trip

A Summer's Worth of Dingy Motels, Poison Oak, Ravenous Insects, and the Rarest Species in North America

by (author) Cameron MacDonald

Endangered Species Road Trip

by (author) Cameron MacDonald

Skink on the Brink

by (author) Lisa Dalrymple
illustrated by Suzanne Del Rizzo


A Book Of Hours

by (author) David Day
illustrated by Maurice Wilson & Mick Loates


Mammal-Hunting Killer Whales of B.C., Washington State, and Southeast Alaska

by (author) John K.B. Ford & Graeme M. Ellis

Polar Bears

The Natural History of a Threatened Species

by (author) Ian Stirling

The Tiger

A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

by (author) John Vaillant


The Future of Humanity: A Short Study of Evolution from the Origin of Life to the Present

by (author) Ronald E. Seavoy

Men for the Mountains

by (author) Sid Marty