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Defending Animals

Finding Hope on the Front Lines of Animal Protection

by (author) Kendra Coulter

River Notes

Drought and the Twilight of the American West — A Natural and Human History of the Colorado

by (author) Wade Davis

Wisdom River

Meditations on Fly Fishing and Life Midstream

edited by Larry Kapustka & Chad Okrusch
by (author) Rayelynn Brandl, Pat Munday, Kaitlyn Okrusch, Doris Daley, Al "Doc" Mehl, Paul Vang, David McCumber, John McKee, Kayla Lappin, Jim McLennan, Jerry Kustich, Mike Forbister & Greg Allard
photographs by Tim Foster
foreword by Greg Shyba
illustrated by Rich Théroux

Microbe Science for Gardeners

Secrets to Better Plant Health

by (author) Robert Pavlis

Medicinal Perennials to Know and Grow

by (author) Dan Jason & Rupert Adams
illustrated by Lyn Alice

The Be Kind Alphabet

Teaching Children Compassion Through Learning the Alphabet

by (author) Anouk Frolic


The Macrolichens of Ontario and the Great Lakes Region of the United States

by (author) R. Troy McMullin

Wildlife of the North

Animals of the High Latitudes of North America and Europe

by (author) Hälle Flygare, Valerius Geist, Geoffrey Holroyd & Wayne Lynch

The Secret Life of Squirrels Wall Calendar 2024

A Year of Wild Squirrels

by (author) Workman Calendars & Nancy Rose

The Secret Life of Squirrels Mini Calendar 2024

Delightfully Nutty Squirrels

by (author) Workman Calendars & Nancy Rose

The New Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life of California

Completely Revised and Expanded

by (author) J. Duane Sept

Kings of Their Own Ocean

Tuna, Obsession, and the Future of Our Seas

by (author) Karen Pinchin

Bay of Fundy's Hopewell Rocks

by (author) Kevin Snair

The Deepest Map

The High-Stakes Race to Chart the World's Oceans

by (author) Laura Trethewey

Eight Bears

Mythic Past and Imperiled Future

by (author) Gloria Dickie

Message in a Bottle

Ocean Dispatches from a Seabird Biologist

by (author) Holly Hogan

The Temple at the End of the Universe

A Search for Spirituality in the Anthropocene

by (author) Josiah Neufeld

The Coastal Forager's Pocket Guide

by (author) Robin Kort

Protecting the Coast and Ocean

A Guide to Marine Conservation Law in British Columbia

by (author) Stephanie Hewson, Linda Nowlan, Georgia Lloyd-Smith, Deborah Carlson & Michael Bissonnette

The Weekender Effect II


by (author) Robert William Sandford

Drawing Botany Home

A Rooted Life

by (author) Lyn Baldwin

Fire Weather

The Making of a Beast

by (author) John Vaillant

Woods & Waters

Images to Nurture the Soul

by (author) George Fischer

My First East Coast Bird Book

The birds you see in back yards, woods, and waters in Canada's Atlantic provinces

by (author) Jeffrey C. Domm

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