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Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin

Wolves and the Making of Canada

by (author) Stephanie Rutherford

Stories of Predation

Sixty Years of Watching Wildlife

by (author) Dick Dekker


Lone Wolf

by (author) Cheryl Alexander
foreword by Carl Safina

The Reign of Wolf 21

The Saga of Yellowstone's Legendary Druid Pack

by (author) Rick McIntyre
foreword by Marc Bekoff

The Rise of Wolf 8

Witnessing the Triumph of Yellowstone's Underdog

by (author) Rick McIntyre
foreword by Robert Redford

Cry Wolf

Inquest into the True Nature of a Predator

by (author) Harold R. Johnson

Return of the Wolf

Conflict and Coexistence

by (author) Paula Wild

Never Cry Wolf

Penguin Modern Classics Edition

by (author) Farley Mowat

In Praise of Wolves

by (author) R.D. Lawrence

Wolves of the Yukon

by (author) Bob Hayes

The Pipestone Wolves

The Rise and Fall of a Wolf Family

by (author) Günther Bloch
photographs by John E. Marriott
foreword by Mike Gibeau

Wolf Spirit

A Story of Healing, Wolves and Wonder

by (author) Gudrun Pflüger


Legend, Enemy, Icon

by (author) Rebecca L. Grambo
photographs by Daniel J. Cox

Secret Go the Wolves

by (author) R.D. Lawrence

The Homeward Wolf

by (author) Kevin Van Tighem

Wild Horses, Wild Wolves

Legends at Risk at the Foot of the Canadian Rockies

by (author) Maureen Enns

Wolves Unleashed

by (author) Andrew Simpson

Wolves in Canada

by (author) Erin McCloskey


by (author) Daniel Wood

Dreaming of Wolves

Adventures in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania

by (author) Alan E. Sparks

The Last Wild Wolves

Ghosts of the Great Bear Rainforest

photographs by Ian McAllister
introduction by Paul Paquet
contributions by Chris Darimont

Wolves in Russia

Anxiety Through the Ages

by (author) Will N. Graves
edited by Valerius Geist

Nature of Wolves

An Intimate Portrait

by (author) Candace Savage