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Books from this publisher

Cooking Meat

A Butcher's Guide to Choosing, Buying, Cutting, Cooking, and Eating Meat

by (author) Peter Sanagan


The Cookbook

by (author) David Hawksworth, Jacob Richler & Stéphanie Nöel
foreword by Philip Howard

The Bite Me Balance Cookbook

Wholesome Daily Eats & Delectable Occasional Treats

by (author) Julie Albert & Lisa Gnat


A Fresh Approach to Thai Cooking

by (author) Angus An
foreword by David Thompson & Normand Laprise

Mandy's Gourmet Salads

Recipes for Lettuce and Life

by (author) Mandy Wolfe, Rebecca Wolfe & Meredith Erickson

Hand Drawn Vancouver

Sketches of the City's Neighbourhoods, Buildings, and People

by (author) Emma FitzGerald

The BC Wine Lover's Cookbook

Recipes & Stories from Wineries Across British Columbia

by (author) Jennifer Schell
foreword by John Schreiner

Growing Young

How Friendship, Optimism, and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100

by (author) Marta Zaraska

The Definitive Guide to Canadian Distilleries

The Portable Expert to Over 200 Distilleries and the Spirits they Make (From Absinthe to Whisky, and Everything in Between)

by (author) Davin de Kergommeaux & Blair Phillips

Lean Out

A Meditation on the Madness of Modern Life

by (author) Tara Henley

The Pocket Butler's Guide to Good Housekeeping

Expert Advice on Cleaning, Laundry and Home Maintenance

by (author) Charles MacPherson

The Kitchen

A journey through time-and the homes of Julia Child, Georgia O'Keeffe, Elvis Presley and many others-in search of the perfect design

by (author) John Ota

The Buddhist Chef

100 Simple, Feel-Good Vegan Recipes: A Cookbook

by (author) Jean-Philippe Cyr

Duchess at Home

Sweet & Savoury Recipes from My Home to Yours: A Cookbook

by (author) Giselle Courteau

Burdock & Co

Poetic Recipes Inspired by Ocean, Land & Air: A Cookbook

by (author) Andrea Carlson

Rocky Mountain Cooking

Recipes to Bring Canada's Backcountry Home: A Cookbook

by (author) Katie Mitzel

Living High Off the Hog

Over 100 Recipes and Techniques to Cook Pork Perfectly: A Cookbook

by (author) Michael Olson

Kitchen Party

Effortless Recipes for Every Occasion: A Cookbook

by (author) Mary Berg

Kosher Style

Over 100 Jewish Recipes for the Modern Cook: A Cookbook

by (author) Amy Rosen

Fuel Your Day!

100+ Seriously Addictive Energy Cookies, Bites, Bars and More: A Baking Book

by (author) Madame Labriski

The Prairie Table

Suppers, Potlucks & Socials: Crowd-Pleasing Recipes to Bring People Together: A Cookbook

by (author) Karlynn Johnston

Peace, Love and Fibre

Over 100 Fibre-Rich Recipes for the Whole Family

by (author) Mairlyn Smith

Vegetables First

120 Vibrant Vegetable-Forward Recipes: A Cookbook

by (author) Ricardo Larrivée

Let Me Feed You

Everyday Recipes Offering the Comfort of Home: A Cookbook

by (author) Rosie Daykin

Secrets from My Vietnamese Kitchen

Simple Recipes from My Many Mothers: A Cookbook

by (author) Kim Thúy

Modern Lunch

+100 Recipes for Assembling the New Midday Meal: A Cookbook

by (author) Allison Day

Vegetables, Chickens & Bees

An Honest Guide to Growing Your Own Food Anywhere

by (author) Carson Arthur

The Living Kitchen

Healing Recipes to Support Your Body During Cancer Treatment and Recovery: A Cookbook

by (author) Tamara Green & Sarah Grossman

Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse

Another Cookbook of Sorts

by (author) Frederic Morin, David McMillan & Meredith Erickson

On Boards

Simple & Inspiring Recipe Ideas to Share at Every Gathering: A Cookbook

by (author) Lisa Dawn Bolton

Set for the Holidays with Anna Olson

Recipes to Bring Comfort and Joy: From Starters to Sweets, for the Festive Season and Almost Every Day: A Cookbook

by (author) Anna Olson

The Last Schmaltz

A Very Serious Cookbook

by (author) Anthony Rose & Chris Johns

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