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New Star Books

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A perimeter

by (author) rob mclennan

A Series of Dogs

by (author) John Armstrong

Piranesi's Figures

by (author) Hannah Calder

Soviet Princeton

Slim Evans and the 1932-33 Miners' Strike

by (author) Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat

Clean Sails

by (author) Gustave Morin

Twenty Seven Stings

by (author) Julie Emerson
illustrated by Roxanna Bikadoroff

The World, I Guess

by (author) George Bowering

Dance Moves of the Near Future

by (author) Tim Conley

Around the World on Minimum Wage

by (author) Andrew Struthers

Greatly Exaggerated

The Myth of the Death of Newspapers

by (author) Marc Edge


by (author) Donato Mancini

Whose Culture Is It, Anyway?

Community Engagement in Small Cities

edited by W.F. Garrett-Petts, James Hoffman & Ginny Ratsoy

Posh Lust

by (author) Louis Cabri

North of California St.

Selected Poems

by (author) George Stanley

Seize the Time

Vancouver Photographed, 1967-1974

photographs by Vladimir Keremidschieff

Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics

by (author) Graeme Truelove

Rua da Felicidade

by (author) Ken Norris


(Hammertown, Part 3)

by (author) Peter Culley

sybil unrest

by (author) Larissa Lai & Rita Wong

Rebel Life

The Life and Times of Robert Gosden, Revolutionary, Mystic, Labour Spy

by (author) Mark Leier


Memoir of a Canadian in the Spanish Civil War

by (author) Ronald Liversedge
edited by David Yorke

Voyage Through the Past Century

by (author) Rolf Knight

After Desire

by (author) George Stanley

Indigena Awry

by (author) a/k/a Annharte

Gardens Aflame

Garry Oak Meadows of BC's South Coast

by (author) Maleea Acker

Sturgeon Reach

Shifting Currents At The Heart of the Fraser

by (author) Terry Glavin & Ben Parfitt

Words, Words, Words

Essays and Memoirs

by (author) George Bowering

The Shiva

by (author) Michael Tregebov


by (author) Roger Farr

Daaku: The Gangster's Life

by (author) Ranj Dhaliwal


The Imaginary Kafka Parables

by (author) Gary Barwin, Hugh Thomas & Craig Conley

Along the No. 20 Line

by (author) Rolf Knight

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