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New Star Books

Books from this publisher

Media Parasite

Postmedia and the Great Canadian Media Swindle

by (author) Marc Edge

Guilty of Everything

20th Anniversary Edition

by (author) John Armstrong

Camp Stories

Tales from Three Generations of (Mostly) Happy Campers

by (author) Rika Ruebsaat

After Villon

by (author) Roger Farr

Gongo Dodan

by (author) Gustave Morin


by (author) Marie Annharte Baker

Bird Arsonist

by (author) Tom Prime & Gary Barwin

Screen Captures

Film in the Age of Emergency

by (author) Stephen Lee Naish

Ghost Geographies


by (author) Tamas Dobozy

Could Be

New Poems

by (author) George Bowering

Soft Zipper

Objects, Food, Rooms

by (author) George Bowering

The Wig-Maker

by (author) Janet Gallant & Sharon Thesen


A Novel

by (author) Sean McCammon

The Renter

by (author) Michael Tregebov

The Smallest Objective

by (author) Sharon Kirsch

Hungry Slingshots

by (author) Louis Cabri

Writing and Reading


by (author) George Bowering

Shot Rock

by (author) Michael Tregebov

I Am a City Still But Soon I Shan't Be

by (author) Roger Farr


by (author) Tim Conley

Mudflat Dreaming

Waterfront Battles and the Squatters Who Fought Them in 1970s Vancouver

by (author) Jean Walton


and other poems like Bird, Nine, x, and Eleven

by (author) Michael Turner

if wants to be the same as is

Essential Poems of David Bromige

edited by Jack Krick, Bob Perelman & Ron Silliman
by (author) David Bromige
introduction by George Bowering

The Big Note

A Guide to the Recordings of Frank Zappa

by (author) Charles Ulrich

Some End / West Broadway

by (author) George Bowering & George Stanley

Anarchy Explained to My Father

by (author) Francis Dupuis-Déri & Thomas Déri

Sitting Shiva on Minto Avenue, by Toots

by (author) Erin Moure

The Receiver

by (author) Sharon Thesen

Maria Mahoi of the Islands

by (author) Jean Barman

The Sacred Herb / The Devil's Weed

by (author) Andrew Struthers

A Short Sad Book

by (author) George Bowering

The News We Deserve

The Transformation of Canada's Media Landscape

by (author) Marc Edge
foreword by Vincent Mosco

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