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New Star Books

Books from this publisher

At Andy's

by (author) George Stanley

Tungsten John

The South Nahanni River by Foot and Bicycle

by (author) John Harris

Tom Thomson's Shack

by (author) Harold Rhenisch

Raddle Moon 18

edited by Susan Clark

Seven Steps to Lasting Happiness

An Inspiring and Practical Guide to Sustained Happiness

by (author) Azim Jamal

Last Stands

A Journey Through North America's Vanishing Ancient Rainforests

by (author) Larry Pynn

New Military Humanism

Lessons From Kosovo

by (author) Noam Chomsky


by (author) Lisa Robertson

Writing Class

The Kootenay School of Writing Anthology

edited by Andrew Klobucar & Michael Barnholden

Thirty Four Ways of Looking at Jane Eyre

by (author) Joan Givner

Raddle Moon 17

22 Vancouver Poets

edited by Susan Clark
by (author) Nicole Brossard

Caring for Profit

How Corporations Are Taking Over Canada's Health Care System

by (author) Colleen Fuller

How to Paint

by (author) Chris Harris

A Death Feast in Dimlahamid

by (author) Terry Glavin

This Ragged Place

by (author) Terry Glavin

A Voice Great Within Us

by (author) Charles Lillard & Terry Glavin

Sentences and Paroles

A Prison Reader

by (author) P.J. Murphy & Jennifer Murphy

Raddle Moon 16

Modern French Poetry in Translation

edited by Norma Cole
by (author) Stacy Doris

Autobiography of a Tattoo

by (author) Stan Persky

Kluane National Park Hiking Guide, The

by (author) Vivien Lougheed

After the Welfare State

by (author) Ken Collier

Debbie: An Epic

by (author) Lisa Robertson

Highwire Act

Power, Pragmatism and the Harcourt Legacy

by (author) Daniel Gawthrop

Red Laredo Boots

by (author) Theresa Kishkan

Indians at Work

An Informal History of Native Labour in British Columbia, 1858-1930

by (author) Rolf Knight

Turning, The

by (author) Pauline Holdstock

High Slack

Waddington's Gold Road and the Bute Inlet Massacre of 1864

by (author) Judith Williams

Turning Lead into Gold

by (author) Nancy Hallaway & Zigurts Strauts

No Way to Live

Poor Women Speak Out

by (author) Sheila Baxter

Grace Hartman

A Woman For Her Time

by (author) Susan Crean

All Possible Worlds

Utopian Experiments in British Columbia

by (author) Justine Brown


by (author) Sage Birchwater

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