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New Star Books

Books from this publisher

Accrete or Crumble

by (author) Natalie Simpson

Transversals for Orpheus & the untitled 1-13

by (author) Garry Thomas Morse

Courage, My Love

by (author) Reg Johanson

Killing Time

A Novel

by (author) Hank Schachte

The Short Version

An ABC Book

by (author) Stan Persky

Power of Giving, The

Creating Abundance in Your Home, At Work, and in Your Community

by (author) Azim Jamal & Harvey McKinnon

Enough Already

Breaking Free In the Second Half of Life

by (author) Bruce O'Hara

The Woman In the Trees

by (author) Gerry William

The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan

by (author) Andrew Struthers

The Old Red Shirt

Lost Poets of British Columbia's Past

by (author) Yvonne Klan

McGowan's War

by (author) Donald Hauka

Local Matters

A Defence of Dooney's Cafe and Other Non-Globalized Places, People and Ideas

by (author) Brian Fawcett

Field Day

Getting Society Out of School

by (author) Matt Hern

Chronicles of Dissent

The Alternative Radio Interviews, Volume 1

by (author) Noam Chomsky & David Barsamian

Class Warfare

The Alternative Radio Interviews, Volume 2

by (author) Noam Chomsky


by (author) Peter Culley

The Cedar Surf

An Informal History of Surfing in British Columbia

by (author) Grant Shilling

Dynamite Stories

by (author) Judith Williams

Exercises in Lip Pointing

by (author) Marie Annharte Baker

Hollywood Utopia

by (author) Justine Brown


The Redfish and the Kootenay Bioregion

by (author) Don Gayton

Corporate Sufi, The

by (author) Azim Jamal

One-Minute Sufi, The

Timeless and Placeless Principles in Small Doses

by (author) Azim Jamal

Pacific Press

The Unauthorized Story of Vancouver's Newspaper Monopoly

by (author) Marc Edge

On Kiddie Porn

Sexual Representation, Free Speech and the Robin Sharpe Case

by (author) Stan Persky & John Dixon

Two Wolves at the Dawn of Time

Kingcome Inlet Pictographs, 1893-1998

by (author) Judith Williams

Calendar Boy

by (author) Andy Quan

The Weather

by (author) Lisa Robertson

Journal for Lasting Happiness

Your Daily Fuel for Success

by (author) Azim Jamal

Half Known Lives

by (author) Joan Givner

Belly Fruit

by (author) Lynnette D'anna

IWA in Canada, The

The Life and Times of an Industrial Union

by (author) Andrew Neufeld

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