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McGill-Queen's University Press

Books from this publisher

Cultivating Community

Women and Agricultural Fairs in Ontario

by (author) Jodey Nurse

Finding Safe Harbour

Supporting Integration of Refugee Youth

by (author) Emily Pelley

Commodity Politics

Contesting Responsibility in Cameroon

by (author) Adam Sneyd, Steffi Hamann, Charis Enns & Lauren Q. Sneyd

Negotiating Linguistic Plurality

Translation and Multilingualism in Canada and Beyond

edited by María Constanza Guzmán & Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar

Documenting Displacement

Questioning Methodological Boundaries in Forced Migration Research

edited by Katarzyna Grabska & Christina R. Clark-Kazak

Peronism as a Big Tent

The Political Inclusion of Arab Immigrants in Argentina

by (author) Raanan Rein & Ariel Noyjovich
translated by Isis Sadek

Religion, Ethnonationalism, and Antisemitism in the Era of the Two World Wars

edited by Kevin P. Spicer & Rebecca Carter-Chand

Disputing New France

Companies, Law, and Sovereignty in the French Atlantic, 1598-1663

by (author) Helen Dewar

Late-Life Homelessness

Experiences of Disadvantage and Unequal Aging

by (author) Amanda Grenier


The Power and Problems of a Concept

edited by Andrea Graziosi & Frank E. Sysyn

Portable Prisons

Electronic Monitoring and the Creation of Carceral Territory

by (author) James Gacek

An Anatomy of Everyday Arguments

Conflict and Change through Insight

by (author) Marnie Jull

And Harmony Abound

The Musical Life of Morley Calvert

by (author) Keith William Kinder

The Clocks Are Telling Lies

Science, Society, and the Construction of Time

by (author) Scott Alan Johnston

The Racial Mosaic

A Pre-history of Canadian Multiculturalism

by (author) Daniel R. Meister

Communities of the Soul

A Short History of Religion in Puerto Rico

by (author) José E. Igartua

Canada to Ireland

Poetry, Politics, and the Shaping of Canadian Nationalism, 1788-1900

by (author) Michele Holmgren

Life and Death in Revolutionary Ukraine

Living Conditions, Violence, and Demographic Catastrophe, 1917-1923

by (author) Stephen Velychenko

Twenty-First-Century Feminismos

Women's Movements in Latin America and the Caribbean

edited by Simone Bohn & Charmain Levy

Photogenic Montreal

Activisms and Archives in a Post-industrial City

edited by Martha Langford & Johanne Sloan

For the Temporary Accommodation of Settlers

Architecture and Immigrant Reception in Canada, 1870-1930

by (author) David Monteyne

Bitter in the Belly

by (author) John Emil Vincent

The Symbolic State

Minority Recognition, Majority Backlash, and Secession in Multinational Countries

by (author) Karlo Basta

University Women

A History of Women and Higher Education in Canada

by (author) Sara Z. MacDonald


Wildness and the Vitality of the Land

by (author) Phillip Vannini & April Vannini

L.M. Montgomery and Gender

edited by E. Holly Pike & Laura M. Robinson

Mass Capture

Chinese Head Tax and the Making of Non-citizens

by (author) Lily Cho

Free Women in the Pampas

A Novel about Victoria Ocampo

by (author) María Rosa Lojo
edited and translated by Norman Cheadle


by (author) Neil Surkan


by (author) Jason Camlot

Royally Wronged

The Royal Society of Canada and Indigenous Peoples

edited by Constance Backhouse, Cynthia E. Milton, Margaret Kovach & Adele Perry

Earth Words

Conversing with Three Sages

by (author) John Reibetanz

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