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McGill-Queen's University Press

Books from this publisher

Out of the Studio

The Photographic Innovations of Charles and John Smeaton at Home and Abroad

by (author) John Osborne & Peter Smeaton


Inuit Oral History and Project Naming

edited by Carol Payne, Beth Greenhorn, Deborah Kigjugalik Webster & Christina Williamson
foreword by Jimmy Manning

Made for the Eye of One Who Sees

Canadian Contributions to the Study of Islamic Art and Archaeology

edited by Marcus Milwright & Evanthia Baboula

Mordecai Richler's Imperfect Search for Moral Values

by (author) Shana Rosenblatt Mauer

The Ukrainian-Russian Borderland

History versus Geography

by (author) Volodymyr V. Kravchenko

Shattering Silos

Reimagining Knowledge, Politics, and Social Critique

by (author) Lambert Zuidervaart

Canada and Climate Change

by (author) William Leiss

Organizing Equality

Dispatches from a Global Struggle

edited by Alison Hearn, James Compton, Nick Dyer-Witheford & Amanda F. Grzyb

The Spiritual Significance of Overload Boredom

by (author) Sharday C. Mosurinjohn


From Enlightenment Philosophy to Canadian History

by (author) E.A. Heaman

Protestant Liberty

Religion and the Making of Canadian Liberalism, 1828-1878

by (author) James M. Forbes

The Power of Diversity in the Armed Forces

International Perspectives on Immigrant Participation in the Military

edited by Grazia Scoppio & Sara Greco

Through Their Eyes

A Graphic History of Hill 70 and Canada's First World War

by (author) Matthew Barrett & Robert C. Engen

Heirs of an Ambivalent Empire

French-Indigenous Relations and the Rise of the Métis in the Hudson Bay Watershed

by (author) Scott Berthelette

Law, Life, and the Teaching of Legal History

Essays in Honour of G. Blaine Baker

edited by Ian C. Pilarczyk, Angela Fernandez & Brian Young

D.H. Lawrence and Attachment

by (author) Ronald Granofsky

At Face Value

The Life and Times of Eliza McCormack/John White

by (author) Don Akenson

The Orangeman

The Life and Times of Ogle Gowan, Second Edition

by (author) Don Akenson

Autobiography of a Garden

by (author) Patterson Webster

New Leaders, New Dawns?

South Africa and Zimbabwe under Cyril Ramaphosa and Emmerson Mnangagwa

edited by Chris Brown, David Moore & Blair Rutherford


Reflecting on Our Journeys

by (author) Gae Ho Hwako Norma Jacobs & The Circles of Odagahodhes
edited by Timothy B. Leduc

Jean de Grandpré

Legacy of a Giant

by (author) Danielle Stanton & Hervé Anctil

Boys Don't Cry

by (author) Chase Joynt & Morgan M. Page

La guerre d'indépendance des Canadas

Démocratie, républicanismes et libéralismes en Amérique du Nord

by (author) Julien Mauduit

The Smile Gap

A History of Oral Health and Social Inequality

by (author) Catherine Carstairs

Patterns of Plague

Changing Ideas about Plague in England and France, 1348-1750

by (author) Lori Jones

Taking Pluralism Seriously

Complex Societies under Scrutiny

by (author) Félix Mathieu

War and Remembrance

Recollecting and Representing War

edited by Renée Dickason, Delphine Letort, Michel Prum & Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger

Unsettling Canadian Art History

edited by Erin Morton

Cyber-Threats to Canadian Democracy

edited by Holly Ann Garnett & Michael Pal

Water from Dragon's Well

The History of a Korean-Canadian Church Relationship

by (author) David Kim-Cragg

Florence Nightingale and the Medical Men

Working Together for Health Care Reform

by (author) Lynn McDonald

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