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McGill-Queen's University Press

Books from this publisher

Out of School

Information Art and the Toronto School of Communication

by (author) Adam Lauder

Expo 67 and Its World

Staging the Nation in the Crucible of Globalization

edited by Craig Moyes & Steven Palmer

Tigers and the Internet

Story, Shamans, History

by (author) Kira Van Deusen

Deindustrializing Montreal

Entangled Histories of Race, Residence, and Class

by (author) Steven High

Regulatory Failure and Renewal

The Evolution of the Natural Monopoly Contract, Second Edition

by (author) John R. Baldwin
foreword by Stanley Winer
introduction by Ian Keay

Canadian Spy Story

Irish Revolutionaries and the Secret Police

by (author) David A. Wilson


Have Presidents and Prime Ministers Misdiagnosed the Patient?

by (author) Donald J. Savoie

Politics & Players

by (author) Ian MacDonald

Wendat Women's Arts

by (author) Annette W. de Stecher

Harriet’s Legacies

Race, Historical Memory, and Futures in Canada

edited by Ronald Cummings & Natalee Caple

Harriet's Legacies

Race, Historical Memory, and Futures in Canada

edited by Ronald Cummings & Natalee Caple

The Ones We Let Down

Toxic Leadership Culture and Gender Integration in the Canadian Forces

by (author) Charlotte Duval-Lantoine

Jackson's Wars

A.Y. Jackson, the Birth of the Group of Seven, and the Great War

by (author) Douglas Hunter

Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin

Wolves and the Making of Canada

by (author) Stephanie Rutherford

Nuclear Family

by (author) Jean Van Loon

Full Moon of Afraid and Craving

by (author) Melanie Power


by (author) Brian Henderson

Canadian Suburban

Reimagining Space and Place in Postwar English Canadian Fiction

by (author) Cheryl Cowdy

Bearers of Risk

Writing Masculinity in Contemporary English-Canadian Short Story Cycles

by (author) Neta Gordon

Dawn of a New Feeling

The Neocontemplative Condition

by (author) Raffaele Milani
translated by Corrado Federici

Search for the Unknown

Canada's UFO Files and the Rise of Conspiracy Theory

by (author) Matthew Hayes

Transforming Medical Education

Historical Case Studies of Teaching, Learning, and Belonging in Medicine

edited by Delia Gavrus & Susan Lamb

The Age of Consequence

The Ordeals of Public Policy in Canada

by (author) Charles J. McMillan

Listening to the Fur Trade

Soundways and Music in the British North American Fur Trade, 1760-1840

by (author) Daniel Robert Laxer

Rags of Night in Our Mouths

by (author) Margo Wheaton

Under Siege

Islamophobia and the 9/11 Generation

by (author) Jasmin Zine

Animal as Machine

The Quest to Understand How Animals Work and Adapt

by (author) Michel Anctil

Trump Trudeau Tweets Truth

A Conversation

by (author) Bill Fox

Trump, Trudeau, Tweets, Truth

A Conversation

by (author) Bill Fox

For the Sake of the Common Good

Essays in Honour of Lois Wilson

edited by Kate Merriman & Bertha Yetman
foreword by Louise Arbour
afterword by Michael Blair

Chinese Shadow Theatre

History, Popular Religion, and Women Warriors

by (author) Fan Pen Li Chen

Sacred as Secular

Secularization under Theocracy in Iran

by (author) Abdolmohammad Kazemipur

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