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McGill-Queen's University Press

Books from this publisher

The Possession of Barbe Hallay

Diabolical Arts and Daily Life in Early Canada

by (author) Mairi Cowan

Scott, Brandtner, Eveleigh, Webber

Revisiting Montreal Abstraction of the 1940s

by (author) Esther Trépanier

Death in the Snow

Pedro de Alvarado and the Illusive Conquest of Peru

by (author) W. George Lovell

The Etruscans in the Modern Imagination

by (author) Sam Solecki

Children and Childhoods in L.M. Montgomery

Continuing Conversations

edited by Rita Bode, Lesley D. Clement, E. Holly Pike & Margaret Steffler


A History

by (author) Jacalyn Duffin

Singular Creatures

Robots, Rights, and the Politics of Posthumanism

by (author) Mark Kingwell

The Immaculate Conception of Data

Agribusiness, Activists, and Their Shared Politics of the Future

by (author) Kelly Bronson

Harvesting Labour

Tobacco and the Global Making of Canada's Agricultural Workforce

by (author) Edward Dunsworth

Dominion over Palm and Pine

A History of Canadian Aspirations in the British Caribbean

by (author) Paula Hastings

Passion and Restraint

Poles and Poland in Western Diplomacy, 1914-1921

by (author) Denis Clark

Disciples of Antigonish

Catholics in Nova Scotia, 1880-1960

by (author) Peter Ludlow

Extractive Industry and the Sustainability of Canada's Arctic Communities

edited by Chris Southcott, Frances Abele, Dave Natcher & Brenda Parlee

Sweet Canadian Girls Abroad

A Transnational History of Stage and Screen Actresses

by (author) Cecilia Morgan

University Governance in Canada

Navigating Complexity

by (author) Julia Eastman, Glen A. Jones, Claude Trottier & Olivier Bégin-Caouette

The Canadian Federal Election of 2021

edited by Jon H. Pammett & Christopher Dornan

Corporate Law and Sustainability from the Next Generation of Lawyers

edited by Carol Liao
foreword by Joel Bakan

Multilateral Sanctions Revisited

Lessons Learned from Margaret Doxey

edited by Andrea Charron & Clara Portela
foreword by Louise Fréchette

CETA Implementation and Implications

Unravelling the Puzzle

edited by Robert G. Finbow

Canada and Climate Change

by (author) William Leiss

Protestant Liberty

Religion and the Making of Canadian Liberalism, 1828-1878

by (author) James M. Forbes

The Power of Diversity in the Armed Forces

International Perspectives on Immigrant Participation in the Military

edited by Grazia Scoppio & Sara Greco

Organizing Equality

Dispatches from a Global Struggle

edited by Alison Hearn, James Compton, Nick Dyer-Witheford & Amanda F. Grzyb

La guerre d'indépendance des Canadas

Démocratie, républicanismes et libéralismes en Amérique du Nord

by (author) Julien Mauduit

The Spiritual Significance of Overload Boredom

by (author) Sharday C. Mosurinjohn


From Enlightenment Philosophy to Canadian History

by (author) E.A. Heaman

Out of the Studio

The Photographic Innovations of Charles and John Smeaton at Home and Abroad

by (author) John Osborne & Peter Smeaton

Dark Days at Noon

The Future of Fire

by (author) Edward Struzik

The Architecture of Empire

France in India and Southeast Asia, 1664-1962

by (author) Gauvin Alexander Bailey

Through Their Eyes

A Graphic History of Hill 70 and Canada's First World War

by (author) Matthew Barrett & Robert C. Engen

Taking Pluralism Seriously

Complex Societies under Scrutiny

by (author) Félix Mathieu

Autobiography of a Garden

by (author) Patterson Webster

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