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McGill-Queen's University Press

Books from this publisher


by (author) Edward Carson

Canadian Literary Fare

by (author) Nathalie Cooke & Shelley Boyd
with Alexia Moyer

Le Canada

Au-delà des rancunes, des doléances et de la discorde

by (author) Donald J. Savoie

Generation Why

How Boomers Can Lead and Learn from Millennials and Gen Z

by (author) Karl Moore

Recovering an Undomesticated Apostle

Essays on the Legacy of Paul

edited by Christopher B. Zeichmann & John A. Egger

Once upon a Time in the West

Essays on the Politics of Thought and Imagination

by (author) Jan Zwicky


Beyond Grudges, Grievances, and Disunity

by (author) Donald J. Savoie


Brain, Time, and Consciousness

by (author) Georg Northoff

Scapegoat Carnivale’s Tragic Trilogy

Euripides’s Medea, Euripides’s Bacchae, and Sophocles’s Oedipus Tyrannus

edited by Lynn Kozak

Eighteenth-Century Ukraine

New Perspectives on Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History

edited by Zenon E. Kohut, Volodymyr Sklokin & Frank E. Sysyn
with Larysa Bilous

Agent of Change

My Life Fighting Terrorists, Spies, and Institutional Racism

by (author) Huda Mukbil

Words in Collision

Multilingualism in English-Language Fiction

by (author) Michael L. Ross

Chronic Conditions

by (author) Karen Engle

À tout prendre et Il était une fois dans l'Est

by (author) Julie Vaillancourt

New Songs for Orpheus

by (author) John Reibetanz

The Material City

Bodies, Minds, and the In-Between

by (author) Alan Blum

Gold’s Rounds

Medicine, McGill, and Growing Up Jewish in Montreal

by (author) Phil Gold

Dying for France

Experiencing and Representing the Soldier’s Death, 1500–2000

by (author) Ian Germani

À tout prendre et Il était une fois dans l’Est

by (author) Julie Vaillancourt

Indict the Author of Affection

Affectation and Catachresis in Hamlet

by (author) Bradley W. Buchanan

The Eye of the Master

Figures of the Québécois Colonial Imaginary

by (author) Dalie Giroux
translated by Jennifer Henderson

The Decline and Fall of the Chatty Empire

by (author) John Emil Vincent

Never Rest on Your Ores

Building a Mining Company, One Stone at a Time, Second Edition

by (author) Norman B. Keevil

Gold's Rounds

Medicine, McGill, and Growing Up Jewish in Montreal

by (author) Phil Gold

the swailing

by (author) Patrick James Errington

The Domination of Nature

New Edition

by (author) William Leiss

Religion and the Post-revolutionary Mind

Idéologues, Catholic Traditionalists, and Liberals in France

by (author) Arthur McCalla

Raymond Klibansky

A Life in Philosophy

by (author) Raymond Klibansky & Georges Leroux
translated by Peter Feldstein
foreword by Alberto Manguel

Politics and the English Country House, 1688-1800

edited by Joan Coutu, Jon Stobart & Peter N. Lindfield

Civic Freedom in an Age of Diversity

The Public Philosophy of James Tully

edited by Dimitrios Karmis & Jocelyn Maclure

Politics and the English Country House, 1688–1800

edited by Joan Coutu, Jon Stobart & Peter N. Lindfield

Enemy Archives

Soviet Counterinsurgency Operations and the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement - Selections from the Secret Police Archives

edited by Volodymyr Viatrovych & Lubomyr Luciuk
translated by Marta Daria Olynyk

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