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Irwin Law Inc.

Books from this publisher

Discrimination Stories

Exclusion, Law, and Everyday Life

by (author) Colleen Sheppard

Pension Law, 3/e

by (author) Ari Kaplan & Mitch Frazer

An Introduction to University Governance

by (author) Cheryl Foy

National Security Law, 2/e

by (author) Craig Forcese & Leah West

The Law of Contracts, 3/e

by (author) John McCamus

The Law of Evidence, 8/e

by (author) David Paciocco, Palma Paciocco & Lee Stuesser

Information and Privacy Law in Canada

by (author) Barbara von Tigerstrom

The Canadian Investor

Challenge and Change in Canadian Capital Markets

by (author) Anita Indira Anand

Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Changes of Corporate Control, 3/e

by (author) Christopher C. Nicholls

International and Transnational Criminal Law 3/e

by (author) Robert J. Currie & Joseph Rikhof

The Anatomy of Criminal Procedure

A Visual Guide to the Law

by (author) Steve Coughlan & Alex Gorlewski

Employment and Labour Law Toolbox, 2/e

What Ontario Employers Need to Know

by (author) Paul Wearing

Surrogacy in Canada

Critical Perspectives in Law and Policy

contributions by Vanessa Gruben, Alana Cattapan, Angela Cameron, Karen Busby, Isabel Côté, Maria De Koninck, Katy Fulfer, Kévin Lavoie, Mark C. McLeod, Christine Overall, Angel Petropanagos & Pamela M. White

Racial Profiling and Human Rights in Canada

The New Legal Landscape

contributions by Lorne Foster, Bobby Siu, Shaheen Azmi, Lesley Jacobs, Sunil Gurmukh, David M. Tanovich, Gary V. Melanson, Carl E. James, Andrea S. Anderson, Tomee Elizabeth Sojourner-Campbell, Tammy Landau & Scot Wortley
edited by Lesley A. Jacobs

Labour and Employment Law 9/e

Cases, Materials, and Commentary

by (author) Labour Law Casebook Group
contributions by Pnina Alon-Shenker, Bruce Archibald, Kevin Banks, Tim Bartkiw, Stephanie Bernstein, Adelle Blackett, Bruce Curran, Gillian Demeyere, David Doorey, Brian Etherington, Brian Langille, Michael Lynk, Michael Mac Neil, Ravi Malhotra, Sarah Marsden, Claire Mummé, Kerry Rittich, Supriya Routh, Sara Slinn & Gilles Trudeau

Criminal Law, 7/e

by (author) Kent Roach

The Law of Partnerships and Corporations, 4/e

by (author) J. Anthony VanDuzer

Securities Law 2/e

by (author) Christopher C. Nicholls

Constitutional Law, 5/e

by (author) Patrick J. Monahan, Byron Shaw & Padraic Ryan

The Lawyer's Guide to the Forensic Sciences

contributions by Caitlin Pakosh, Gail S. Anderson, Maggie Bellis, Hy Bloom, Vladimir Chlistovsky, Kristopher Cunningham, Brian L. Cutler, Sheila D. Early, Lindsay Fitzsimmons, Cecilia Hageman, Sarah Harland-Logan, Liam Hendrikse, Jayantha Herath, Wade Knaap, Anita Lal, Patrick Laturnus, Stéphanie B. Marion, Rolf W. Mathewes, Tim Moore, Michael Pickup, Michael S. Pollanen, Dan C. Purdy, Ashwyn Rajagopalan, Steve Rogers, Tracy Rogers, Toby H. Rose, Vincenzo Rondinelli, Daniel M. Scanlan, Richard D. Schneider, David Sweet, Sherah VanLaerhoven, James Watterson, Alison Weir & James G. Wigmore

Public Lands and Resources Law in Canada

by (author) Elaine L. Hughes, Arlene J. Kwasniak & Alastair R. Lucas

Digital Copyright Law

by (author) Cameron Hutchison

Canadian Maritime Law 2/e

edited by Edgar Gold, Aldo Chircop, Hugh M. Kindred & William Moreira

Courts, Litigants, and the Digital Age 2/e

Law, Ethics, and Practice

by (author) Karen Eltis

Criminal Procedure 3/e

by (author) Steve Coughlan

Legal Research and Writing, 4/e

by (author) Ted Tjaden

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, 2/e

by (author) Roderick J. Wood

The Abridged Wigmore on Alcohol

Courtroom Alcohol Toxicology for the Medicolegal Professional

by (author) James G. Wigmore

A Thirty Years' War

The Failed Public/Private Partnership that Spurred the Creation of the Toronto Transit Commission, 1891-1921

by (author) C. Ian Kyer

False Security

The Radicalization of Canadian Anti-Terrorism

by (author) Craig Forcese & Kent Roach

Criminal Law, 6/e

by (author) Kent Roach

The Law of Torts, 5/e

by (author) Philip H. Osborne

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