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Irwin Law Inc.

Books from this publisher

The Art of the Interview

How Lawyers Talk with Clients

by (author) John Hollander

Legal Writing

Mastering Clarity and Persuasion

by (author) John Hollander

The Law of Equitable Remedies, 2/e

by (author) Jeffrey Berryman

Law and Mental Disorder

A Comprehensive and Practical Approach

edited by Hy Bloom & Richard D. Schneider

Special Lectures 2012

Employment Law and the New Workplace in the Social Media Age

by (author) The Law Society of Upper Canada Author

Understanding Financial Statements

by (author) Vern Krishna

Lawyers, Families, and Businesses

The Shaping of a Bay Street Law Firm, Faskens 1863-1963

by (author) C. Ian Kyer

Bank and Customer Law in Canada, 2/e

by (author) M.H. Ogilvie

Constitutional Law, 4/e

by (author) Patrick J. Monahan & Byron Shaw

The Law of Contracts, 2/e

by (author) John McCamus

Youth Criminal Justice Law, 3/e

by (author) Nicholas Bala & Sanjeev Anand

Balancing Competing Human Rights Claims in a Diverse Society

Institutions, Policy, Principles

edited by Shaheen Azmi, Lorne Foster & Lesley A. Jacobs

What's Next for Canada?

Securities Regulation After the Reference

edited by Anita Indira Anand

Property on Trial

Canadian Cases in Context

contributions by Eric Tucker, James Muir, Bruce Ziff, Jamie Benidickson, Nicholas Blomley, Angela Cameron, Angela Chaisson, Patricia Farnese, Philip Girard, Vanessa Gruben, Douglas C. Harris, Eran Kaplinsky, C. Ian Kyer, Frank Luce, Jeremy Martin, Margaret E. McCallum, Mary Jane Mossman, Jim Phillips, Eric H. Reiter & Karen Schucher

Personal Property Security Law, 2/e

by (author) Ronald C.C. Cuming, Catherine Walsh & Roderick J. Wood

A Cruel Arithmetic

Inside the Case Against Polygamy

by (author) Craig Jones

Criminal Law 5/e

by (author) Kent Roach

Child Support Guidelines in Canada 2012

by (author) Julien D. Payne & Marilyn A. Payne

Constitutional Labour Rights in Canada

Farm Workers and the Fraser Case

edited by Fay Faraday, Judy Fudge & Eric Tucker

Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Changes of Corporate Control, 2/e

by (author) Christopher C. Nicholls

Criminal Procedure, 2/e

by (author) Steve Coughlan

Why Good Lawyers Matter

edited by David L. Blaikie, Thomas A. Cromwell & Darrel Pink
contributions by Melina Buckley, Richard Devlin, Adam M. Dodek, Jocelyn Downie, Daphne Dumont, Trevor C.W. Farrow, Stephen T. Goudge, Patrick Healy, Dean Jobb, Roy McMurtry, Stephen G.A. Pitel, Augustus M. Richardson & Alice Woolley

Courts, Litigants and the Digital Age

Law, Ethics and Practice

by (author) Karen Eltis

Law Firm Recruitment in Canada, 2/e

Job Search Advice for Law Students and Associates

by (author) Wendy Griesdorf

Fundamental Justice

Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

by (author) Hamish Stewart

Income Tax Law, 2/e

by (author) Vern Krishna

Knowledge Policy for the Twenty-First Century

A Legal Perspective

edited by Mark Perry & Brian Fitzgerald

Animals and the Law

by (author) Lesli Bisgould

In The Balance

The Administration of Justice and National Security in Democracies

edited by Christopher K. Penny

Wigmore on Alcohol

Courtroom Alcohol Toxicology for the Medicolegal Professional

by (author) James G. Wigmore

Public Law at the McLachlin Court

The First Decade

edited by David A. Wright & Adam M. Dodek

The Law of Evidence, 6/e

by (author) David M. Paciocco & Lee Stuesser

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