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Frontenac House

Books from this publisher

Cemetery Compost

by (author) Murray Reiss
edited by Micheline Maylor
preliminary work by Geneva Hayley
illustrated by Neil Petrunia

Blood Orange

by (author) Heidi Garnett
cover design or artwork by Geneva Haley
edited by Micheline Maylor
designed by Neil Petrunia

Silent Sister

The Mastectomy Poems

by (author) Beth Everest
illustrated by Neil Petrunia
edited by Micheline Maylor


by (author) Nancy Jo Cullen, Alexandria Patience & Rose Scollard

Two Minds

by (author) Harold Rhenisch


by (author) Zaid Shlah


by (author) Cassy Welburn

Darn Good Dandies

The Sobieski Stuart Brothers (An historical enigma uncovered)

by (author) Nadine Mackenzie

Palliser Suite

by (author) Caroline Russell-King

designation youth

by (author) David Bateman

A Royal Balance

by (author) Shirlee Matheson

Juggling the Jitters

by (author) Deborah Fannie Miller
illustrated by Danielle Bazinet

Grappling with the Grumblies

by (author) Deborah Fannie Miller

A Bitter Mood of Clouds

by (author) Vivian Hansen

Whirr & Click

by (author) Micheline Maylor

13 Ways to Kill Your Community

by (author) Doug Griffiths & Kelly Clemmer

Seeking the Summit

Sam Switzer’s Story of Building and Giving

by (author) Sydney Sharpe

Tis Pity

by (author) David Bateman


by (author) J. Fisher

Yukon Wings

by (author) R.B. Cameron

In This Place

Calgary 2004-2011

by (author) George Webber & Aritha van Herk


by (author) Alexis Kienlen

Unruly Angels

by (author) Diane Buchanan

Love in a Handful of Dust

by (author) Kirk Ramdath

All Roads Lead to Manyberries

by (author) Ron Wood

Rider With Good Hands

by (author) Sid Marty

Moon Nibbler

The Art of Pat Strakowski

by (author) Andrew Oko
illustrated by John Heintz

Pavlov's Elephant

by (author) Rosalee van Stelton

Breathing Stone

Contemporary Haida Argillite Sculpture

by (author) Carol Sheehan

Water Strider

by (author) Karen Hofmann

Maverick in the Sky

The Aerial Adventures of WW1 Flying Ace Freddie McCall

by (author) Shirlee Matheson

Alberta Anthology

by (author) Allan Boss

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