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Book Lists

Read With Pride: K–12 Books

A selection of books to help classrooms and libraries celebrate and learn about LGBTQ+ stories.

by 49th Teachers · Tagged pride, lgbtq+, diversity and inclusion, lgbtq

Mom and Mum are Getting Married!

by (author) Ken Setterington
illustrated by Alice Priestley

A Family Is a Family Is a Family

by (author) Sara O'Leary
illustrated by Qin Leng

A Boy Named Queen

by (author) Sara Cassidy


The Celebration and the Struggle

by (author) Robin Stevenson

Transphobia Deal With It

Deal with it and be a gender transcender

by (author) J. wallace skelton

Moon at Nine

by (author) Deborah Ellis


by (author) Mette Bach

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me

by (author) Mariko Tamaki
illustrated by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell


The Celebration and the Struggle

by (author) Robin Stevenson

Proud to Play

Canadian LGBTQ+ athletes who made history

by (author) Erin Silver

Wednesday Wilson Gets Down to Business

by (author) Bree Galbraith
illustrated by Morgan Goble

My Mommy, My Mama, My Brother, and Me

These Are the Things We Found By the Sea

by (author) Natalie Meisner
illustrated by Mathilde Cinq-Mars

The Street Belongs to Us

by (author) Karleen Pendleton Jimenez

Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress

by (author) Christine Baldacchino
illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant

Lucky Jonah

by (author) Richard Scrimger

Pride Puppy!

by (author) Robin Stevenson
illustrated by Julie McLaughlin

Mom Marries Mum!

by (author) Ken Setterington
illustrated by Alice Priestley

A Plan for Pops Read-Along

by (author) Heather Smith
illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan
read by Christian Down

Pride Colors

by (author) Robin Stevenson

The Name I Call Myself

text by Hasan Namir
illustrated by Cathryn John

The Boy & the Bindi

by (author) Vivek Shraya
illustrated by Rajni Perera

Riley Can't Stop Crying

by (author) Stephanie Boulay
illustrated by Agathe Bray-Bourret
translated by Charles Simard

Ho'onani: Hula Warrior

by (author) Heather Gale
illustrated by Mika Song

From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea

text by Kai Cheng Thom
illustrated by Kai Yun Ching & Wai-Yant Li

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