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The Regulation of Desire, Third Edition

Queer Histories, Queer Struggles

by (author) Gary Kinsman
afterword by Tom Hooper
foreword by OmiSoore Dryden

Surviving the Closet

Learning to Live After Coming Out Later in Life

by (author) Jo DeLuzio

Ingredients for Revolution

A History of American Feminist Restaurants, Cafes, and Coffeehouses

by (author) Alex D. Ketchum

Our Work Is Everywhere

An Illustrated Oral History of Queer and Trans Resistance

by (author) Syan Rose
foreword by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

A Two-Spirit Journey

The Autobiography of a Lesbian Ojibwa-Cree Elder

by (author) Ma-Nee Chacaby
with Mary Louisa Plummer

A Queer Love Story

The Letters of Jane Rule and Rick Bébout

edited by Marilyn Schuster

Prairie Fairies

A History of Queer Communities and People in Western Canada, 1930-1985

by (author) Valerie Korinek

Under the Rainbow

A Primer on Queer Issues in Canada

by (author) Jeanette A. Auger & Kate Krug

A Queer Love Story

The Letters of Jane Rule and Rick Bébout

edited by Marilyn Schuster

Queer Progress

From Homophobia to Homonationalism

by (author) Tim McCaskell

Forbidden Love

A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Jean Bruce & Gerda Cammaer
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

Making a Scene

Lesbians and Community across Canada, 1964-84

by (author) Liz Millward

Dirty River

A Queer Femme of Color Dreaming Her Way Home

by (author) Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Disrupting Queer Inclusion

Canadian Homonationalisms and the Politics of Belonging

foreword by Rinaldo Walcott
edited by OmiSoore H. Dryden & Suzanne Lenon

Love's Refraction

Jealousy and Compersion in Queer Women's Polyamorous Relationships

by (author) Jillian Deri


A Memoir of Love, Loss and Desire

by (author) Lynette Loeppky

I've Heard the Mermaids Singing

A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Julia Mendenhall
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

Out Proud

Stories of Pride, Courage, and Social Justice

edited by Douglas Gosse

Gender Failure

by (author) Ivan Coyote & Rae Spoon

After Delores

by (author) Sarah Schulman

Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter

by (author) S. Bear Bergman

How Poetry Saved My Life

A Hustler's Memoir

by (author) Amber Dawn

Breaking Out II

The Complete Guide to Building a Positive GLBT Identity

by (author) Kevin Alderson

Every Inch a Woman

Phallic Possession, Femininity, and the Text

by (author) Carellin Brooks

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