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The Cancer Plot

Terminal Immortality in Marvel’s Moral Universe

by (author) Reginald Wiebe & Dorothy Woodman

Expanding Mindscapes

A Global History of Psychedelics

edited by Erika Dyck & Chris Elcock

The Opinionated Middle Ground

Consensus is Possible and Polarization is Curable

by (author) John Scott Cowan

Eroding a Way of Life

Neoliberalism and the Family Farm

by (author) Murray Knuttila

Food Mobilities

Making World Cuisines

edited by Daniel E. Bender & Simone Cinotto

Population Control

Theorizing Institutional Violence

edited by Jen Rinaldi & Kate Rossiter

Aging as a Social Process

by (author) Andrew V. Wister

Best Canadian Essays 2024

edited by Marcello Di Cintio

Black Harbour

Slavery and the forgotten histories of Black people in Newfoundland & Labrador

by (author) Xaiver Campbell & Heather Barrett

Resisting Eviction

Domicide and the Financialization of Rental Housing

by (author) Andrew Crosby


The Making of a Disability Activist

by (author) Dustin Galer
foreword by Judy Rebick

The Suicide Magnet

Inside the Battle to Erect a Safety Barrier on Toronto’s Bloor Viaduct

by (author) Paul McLaughlin

On Community

by (author) Casey Plett

Teaching Where You Are

Weaving Indigenous and Slow Principles and Pedagogies

by (author) Shannon Leddy & Lorrie Miller


An Anthology of Filipino-Canadian Writing

contributions by C.E. Gatchalian, Teodoro Alcuitas, Patria Rivera, Jim Agapito, Hari Alluri, Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio, Mila Bongco-Philipzig, Davey Samuel Calderon, Shirley Camia, Adrian De Leon, Nathalie De Los Santos, Kawika Guillermo, Marc Perez, Leah Ranada, Steffi Tad-y, Vincent Ternida, Christine Añonuevo, Kaia M. Arrow, Isabel Palanxe Aureus, Leon B. Aureus, Jellyn Ayudan, Hannah Balba, Monica Anne Batac, Alexa Batitis, Isabel Carlin, Rachel Evangeline Chiong, Karla Comanda, Kay Costales, Gemma Dalayoan, Ariel Dela Cruz, Sol Diana, Erica Dionora, Carolyn Fe, Renato Gandia, Primrose Madayag Knazan, José Romelo Lagman, Yves Lamson, Grace Sanchez MacCall, Lorina Mapa, Deann Louise C. Nardo, Christopher Nasaire, Rafael Palma, Remilyn Felix Lydia Aiden Fau Policarpio, Alma Salazar Retuta, Rani Rivera, Aileen Santiago, Angelo Santos, Carlo Sayo & Maribeth Manalaysay Tabanera

The Mantle of Struggle

A Biography of Black Revolutionary Rosie Douglas

by (author) Irving Andre
foreword by David Austin

Decolonizing Sport

edited by Janice Forsyth, Christine O’Bonsawin, Russell Field & Murray G. Phillips


A History of Inuit Independence in Northern Labrador

by (author) Carol Brice-Bennett
revised by Lena Onalik & Andrea Procter

Cases in Clinical Forensic Psychology

by (author) Margo C. Watt

Manipulating the Message

How Powerful Forces Shape the News

by (author) Cecil Rosner

An Anthology of Blackness

The State of Black Design

edited by Terresa Moses & Omari Souza
foreword by Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall

Beyond the Kitchen Table

Black Women and Global Food Systems

edited by Priscilla McCutcheon, Latrica E. Best & Theresa Ann Rajack-Talley

Arctic Song

Creation Stories From the Arctic

by (artist) Germaine Arnattaujuq (Arnaktauyok)
by (author) Neil Christopher

Skating on Thin Ice

Professional Hockey, Rape Culture, and Violence against Women

by (author) Walter DeKeseredy, Stu Cowan & Martin D. Schwartz
foreword by Heather Mallick
afterword by Jack Todd

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