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The Flying Zoo

Birds, Parasites, and the World They Share

by (author) Michael Stock

Owls of the World

by (author) James Duncan


a history

edited by Ingvar Svanberg & Daniel Moller

Conservation Through Aviculture

ISBBC 2007 / Proceedings of the IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity / Toronto, Ontario, Canada / September 12-16, 2007

by (author) Myles Lamont

Hawks and Owls of Eastern North America

by (author) Chris Earley

Appalachian Ruffed Grouse

Ecology and Management

by (author) Dean F. Stauffer

The Inner Bird

Anatomy and Evolution

by (author) Gary W. Kaiser

Bird Detective

Investigating the Secret Lives of Birds

by (author) Bridget Stutchbury

Birds of Ontario: Habitat Requirements, Limiting Factors, and Status

Volume 2–Nonpasserines: Shorebirds through Woodpeckers

by (author) Al Sandilands
illustrated by Ross James

Owls of North America

by (author) Frances Backhouse


A Natural History of a Bird in Crisis

by (author) Janice Hughes

Owls of the United States and Canada

A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior

by (author) Wayne Lynch

Encyclopedia of Aviculture

by (author) Glen Holland

Raptor Research and Management Techniques

technical editor David M. Bird
by (author) Keith L. Bildstein

Birds of British Columbia, Volume 2

Nonpasserines - Diurnal Birds of Prey through Woodpeckers

by (author) Wayne Campbell, Neil K. Dawe, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, John M. Cooper, Gary W. Kaiser & Michael C.E. McNall

Raptors in Captivity

Guidelines for Care and Management

by (author) Lori R. Arent

Pekin Robins and Small Softbills

Management and Breeding

by (author) Peter Karsten

Ecology and Behavior of Chickadees and Titmice

an integrated approach

edited by Ken A. Otter

Conservation and Biology of Small Populations

The Song Sparrows of Mandarte Island

by (author) James N.M. Smith, Lukas F. Keller, Amy B. Marr & Peter Arcese

Birds of the Yukon Territory

edited by Pamela H. Sinclair, Wendy A. Nixon, Cameron D. Eckert & Nancy L. Hughes

Birds of British Columbia - 4 Volume Set

by (author) UBC Press

Birds of British Columbia, Volume 4

Wood Warblers through Old World Sparrows

by (author) Wayne Campbell, Neil K. Dawe, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, John M. Cooper, Gary W. Kaiser & Michael C.E. McNall

Parrots of the World

by (author) Joseph M. Forshaw & William T. Cooper

Encyclopedia of the Lories

by (author) Rosemary Low

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