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Islamic Divorce in North America

A Shari'a Path in a Secular Society

by (author) Julie Macfarlane

The Interfaith Alternative (PDF)

Embracing Spiritual Diversity

by (author) Reverend Steven Greenebaum

Ordinary Heroes

Celebrating United Church Women

edited by Noelle Broughton

Disenchanting India

Organized Rationalism and Criticism of Religion in India

by (author) Johannes Quack

Class and Idol in the English Hymn

by (author) Lionel Adey

Hymns and the Christian Myth

by (author) Lionel Adey

In the Way

A Study of Christian Missionary Endeavours

by (author) Kenelm Burridge

Rising with the Morning Star

Daily Reflections for Lent

edited by Betty Lynn Schwab

Seismic Shifts

Leading in Times of Change

by (author) Christopher White

The Blaikie Report

An Insiders Look at Faith and Politics

by (author) Bill Blaikie

Rediscovering Reverence

The Meaning of Faith in a Secular World

by (author) Ralph Heintzman

God's Plenty

Religious Diversity in Kingston

by (author) William Closson James

There Is Life After Death

by (author) Tom Harpur

Discoveries in the Judaean Desert XXXII

Qumran Cave 1: II. The Isaiah Scrolls: Part 2: Introductions, Commentary, and Textual Variants

edited by Eugene Ulrich & Peter W. Flint

Asian Religions in British Columbia

edited by Larry DeVries, Don Baker & Dan Overmyer

The Riddle of Hume's Treatise

Skepticism, Naturalism, and Irreligion

by (author) Paul Russell

Now You Know The Bible

by (author) Doug Lennox

Images in Asian Religions

Text and Contexts

edited by Phyllis Granoff & Koichi Shinohara

Generating Traces in the History of the World

New Traces of the Christian Experience

by (author) Luigi Giussani, Stefano Alberto & Javier Prades

World Religions

Western Traditions

by (author) Willard G. Oxtoby & Amir Hussain

Inuit Shamanism and Christianity

Transitions and Transformations in the Twentieth Century

by (author) Frederic B. Laugrand & Jarich G. Oosten

Sanctifying Misandry

Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man

by (author) Katherine K. Young & Paul Nathanson

Religion and Reconciliation in Greek Cities

The Sacred Laws of Selinus and Cyrene

by (author) Noel Robertson

Calvin at the Centre

by (author) Paul Helm

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