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Religion and Canadian Party Politics

by (author) David Rayside, Jerald Sabin & Paul E.J. Thomas

The Many Rooms of this House

Diversity in Toronto's Places of Worship Since 1840

by (author) Roberto Perin

The Oxford Handbook of the Study of Religion

edited by Michael Stausberg & Steven Engler

Resilient Gods

Being Pro-Religious, Low Religious, or No Religious in Canada

by (author) Reginald W. Bibby

The al-Baqara Crescendo

Understanding the Qur'an's Style, Narrative Structure, and Running Themes

by (author) Nevin Reda

The Religious Lives of Older Laywomen

The Last Active Anglican Generation

by (author) Abby Day

Kingship and Memory in Ancient Judah

by (author) Ian D. Wilson

The Saints in Old Norse and Early Modern Icelandic Poetry

by (author) Kirsten Wolf & Natalie M. van Deusen

Re-Envisioning Christian Humanism

Education and the Restoration of Humanity

edited by Jens Zimmermann

Tracking the Master Scribe

Revision through Introduction in Biblical and Mesopotamian Literature

by (author) Sara J. Milstein

Romantic Prophecy and the Resistance to Historicism

by (author) Christopher Bundock

An Ark on the Nile

Beginning of the Book of Exodus

by (author) Keith Bodner

Church and Society in Hungary and in the Hungarian Diaspora

by (author) Nandor Dreisziger

Veiled Figures

Women, Modernity, and the Spectres of Orientalism

by (author) Teresa Heffernan

The Idea of a Moral Economy

Gerard of Siena on Usury, Restitution, and Prescription

by (author) Lawrin Armstrong

Why Be Jewish?

A Testament

by (author) Edgar Bronfman

Practising Insight Mediation

by (author) Cheryl A. Picard

Law's Religion

Religious Difference and the Claims of Constitutionalism

by (author) Benjamin L. Berger

The Ordering of the Christian Mind

Karl Barth and Theological Rationality

by (author) Martin Westerholm

With Us Always

Daily Devotions Framed by the Movies

edited by Alydia Smith

The Lost Gospel

Decoding the Ancient Text that Reveals Jesus' Marriage to Mary Magdalene

by (author) Simcha Jacobovici & Barrie Wilson

The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito

Volume 3 (1532-1536)

by (author) Wolfgang Capito
translated by Erika Rummel
notes by Milton Kooistra

Law's Religion

Religious Difference and the Claims of Constitutionalism

by (author) Benjamin L. Berger

Christ and History

The Christology of Bernard Lonergan from 1935 to 1982

by (author) Frederick E. Crowe

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