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The Dark Bible

Cultures of Interpretation in Early Modern England

by (author) Alison Knight

Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus

by (author) Jonathan Dean

The Spiritual Turn

The Religion of the Heart and the Making of Romantic Liberal Modernity

by (author) Galen Watts

Spiritualizing Politics without Politicizing Religion

The Example of Sargent Shriver

by (author) James R. Price & Kenneth R. Melchin

Illness and Immortality

Mantra, Mandala, and Meditation in the Netra Tantra

by (author) Patricia Sauthoff

The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Biblical Interpretation

edited by Paul M. Blowers & Peter W. Martens

Fallen Angels in the Theology of St Augustine

by (author) Gregory D. Wiebe

Making a Case

The Practical Roots of Biblical Law

by (author) Sarah Milstein

Adventures in Faith & Family

by (author) Susan Lukey

Shiva Dancing at King Arthur's Court

What Yoga Stories and Western Myths Tell Us About Ourselves

by (author) Bernie Clark

The Oxford Handbook of the Apocrypha

edited by Gerbern S. Oegema

Redemption and Regret

Modernizing Korea in the Writings of James Scarth Gale

by (author) James Scarth Gale
edited by Daniel Pieper

Yasodhara and the Buddha

by (author) Vanessa R. Sasson

Gita to the Grail

Exploring Yoga Stories and Western Myths

by (author) Bernie Clark

A History of the Church through its Buildings

by (author) Allan Doig

John among the Apocalypses

Jewish Apocalyptic Tradition and the 'Apocalyptic' Gospel

by (author) Benjamin E. Reynolds

The Oxford Handbook of Christian Monasticism

edited by Bernice M. Kaczynski

Can I Believe?

An Invitation to the Hesitant

by (author) John G. Stackhouse

Apollinaris of Laodicea - Metaphrasis Psalmorum

by (author) Andrew Faulkner

Identities Under Construction

Religion, Gender, and Sexuality among Youth in Canada

by (author) Pamela Dickey Young & Heather Shipley

The Earliest Commentary on the Prophecy of Habakkuk

by (author) Timothy H. Lim

Hell's Flames to Heaven's Gate

A History of the Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland

by (author) Jack Fitzgerald

The History of Scottish Theology, Volume III

The Long Twentieth Century

edited by David Fergusson & Mark Elliott

Approaches to the Qur'an in Sub-Saharan Africa

edited by Zulfikar Hirji

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