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The Founding Moment

Church, Society, and the Construction of Trinity College

by (author) William Westfall

Say to the Darkness, We Beg to Differ

by (author) Mary Jo Leddy

Franz Rosenzweig and Jehuda Halevi

Translating, Translations, and Translators

by (author) Barbara Ellen Galli

Liberty and Conscience

A Documentary History of the Experiences of Conscientious Objectors in America through the Civil War

edited by Peter Brock

Anxious Gravity

A Novel

by (author) Jeff Wells

Zora Hurston Y El Arbol Sonador / Zora Hurston and the Chinaberry Tree (Reading Rainbow Book) (Spanish Edition)

by (author) William Miller

Zora Hurston y Arbol Sonador (Spanish Edition)

by (author) William Miller

Understanding the Qur’an

Themes and Styles

by (author) Muhammad Abdel Haleem

Saint Saul

A Skeleton Key to the Historical Jesus

by (author) Donald Harman Akenson

Between Damnation and Starvation

by (author) John P. Greene

Hutterite Beginnings

Communitarian Experiments during the Reformation

by (author) Werner O. Packull

The Faith of the Mithnagdim

Rabbinic Responses to Hasidic Rapture

by (author) Allan Nadler

The Philosophy of Religion

A Buddhist Perspective

by (author) Arvind Sharma


The Reckoning of Time

by (author) Faith Wallis

The Habit of Hope

In a Changing and Uncertain World

by (author) William Hockin

Prayer Companion

A Treasury of Personal Meditation

by (author) Judith Lawrence

Myths We Live By

by (author) Colin Grant

God and the Grounding of Morality

by (author) Kai Nielsen

Healing Through Prayer

Health Practitioners Tell the Story

by (author) Larry Dossey, Herbert Benson & John Polkinghorne

Aids and the Apocalyptic Metaphor in Nor

by (author) Susan J. Palmer

The Smoke of Satan

Conservative and Traditionalist Dissent in Contemporary American Catholicism

by (author) Michael W. Cuneo

The Father Pat Stories

by (author) Patrick Gossage

Is Jesus Your Personal Saviour?

In Search of Canadian Evangelicalism in the 1990s

by (author) George A. Rawlyk

Jenny And The Hannukkah Queen

by (author) Jean Little

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