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Temporary Work

The Gendered Rise of a Precarious Employment Relationship

by (author) Leah Faith Vosko

Workers' Compensation

Foundations for Reform

edited by Morley Gunderson & Douglas Hyatt

Restraining Equality

Human Rights Commissions in Canada

by (author) R. Brian Howe & David Johnson

Celebration of Resistance

Ontario’s Days of Action

by (author) Vincenzo Pietropaolo
introduction by Catherine Macleod

Making Our Mark

Labour Arts and Heritage in Ontario

by (author) Karl Beveridge & Jude Johnston

More with Less

Work Reorganization in the Canadian Mining Industry

by (author) Bob Russell

Enter At Your Own Risk

Canadian Youth and the Labour Market

by (author) Richard Marquardt

The Workers' Revolt in Canada, 1917-1925

edited by Craig Heron

Waking Up in the Men’s Room

A Memoir

by (author) Catherine Macleod

Forging Business-Labour Partnerships

The Emergence of Sector Councils in Canada

edited by Morley Gunderson & Andrew Sharpe

From The Ground Up

An Italian Immigrant’s Story

by (author) Frank Colantonio

Workplace Roulette

Gambling With Cancer, Revised and Expanded

by (author) Matthew Firth, James T. Brophy & Margaret M. Keith


by (author) David Mandel

At the End of the Shift

Mines and Single-Industry Towns in Northern Ontario

edited by Matt Bray & Ashley Thomson

Thinking Union

Activism and Education in Canada’s Labour Movement

by (author) D'Arcy Martin

Hard Lessons

The Mine Mill Union in the Canadian Labour Movement

edited by Dieter K. Buse, Peter Suschnigg & Mercedes Steedman

Progress Without People

New Technology, Unemployment, and the Message of Resistance

by (author) David F. Noble

A New Education Politics

Bob Rae's Legacy and the Response of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation

by (author) George Martell

Labour and Working Class History in Atlantic Canada

A Reader

edited by David Frank & Gregory S. Kealey

The Canadian Auto Workers

The Birth and Transformation of a Union

by (author) Sam Gindin

Capitalism Comes to the Backcountry

The Goodyear Invasion of Napanee

by (author) Bryan D. Palmer

Voices From Offshore

Narratives of Risk and Danger in the Nova Scotian Deep-Sea Fishery

by (author) Marian Binkley

Touch Wood

BC Forests at the Crossroads

edited by Ken Drushka, Bob Nixon & Ray Travers

New Forms of Work Organization

The Challenge for North American Unions

by (author) Tom Rankin

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