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Training For What?

Labour Perspectives on Job Training

edited by Nancy Jackson

The New Democracy

Challenging the Social Order in Industrial Ontario, 1914-1925

by (author) James Naylor

Cracking the Canadian Formula

The Making of the Energy & Chemical Workers Union

by (author) Wayne Roberts

Regulating Labour

The State, Neo-Conservatism and Industrial Relations

edited by Larry Haiven, Stephen McBride & John Sheilds

Working in Steel

The Early Years in Canada, 1883-1935

by (author) Craig Heron

The Master Spirit of the Age

Canadian Engineers and the Politics of Professionalism

by (author) J. Rodney Millard

To Each His Own

William Coaker and the Fisherman's Protective Union in Newfoundland Politics, 1908-1925

by (author) Ian D.H. McDonald
edited by James K. Hiller

First Contract

Women and the Fight to Unionize

by (author) Carole Conde & Karl Beveridge

From Traps to Draggers

Domestic Commodity Production in Northwest Newfoundland, 1850-1982

by (author) Peter R. Sinclair

The Challenge of Oil

Newfoundland's Quest for Controlled Development

by (author) John Douglas House

A Hard Man to Beat

The Story of Bill White: Labour Leader, Historian, Shipyard Worker, Raconteur

by (author) Howard White

One Union in Wood

A Political History of the International Woodworkers of America

by (author) Jerry Lembcke & William M. Tattam

Inside Job

Essays on the New Work Writing

by (author) Tom Wayman

Workplace Democracy

An Inquiry into Employee Participation in Canadian Work Organizations

by (author) Donald Nightingale
foreword by Max Clarkson

Sharing the work

An analysis of the issues in worksharing and jobsharing

by (author) Noah Meltz, Frank Reid & Gerald Swartz

'An Impartial Umpire'

Industrial Relations and the Canadian State 1900-1911

by (author) Paul Craven

Unemployment and Labour Force Behaviour of Young People

Evidence from Canada and Ontario

by (author) Frank Denton, A. Leslie Robb & Byron Spencer

Unemployment and Inflation

The Canadian Experience

by (author) Clarence Barber & John McCallum

Power Begins at the Cod End

The Newfoundland Trawlermen's Strike, 1974-75

by (author) David Macdonald

Unemployment and Inflation

The Canadian Experience

by (author) Clarence Barber & John McCallum

Promoters and Politicians

The North-Shore Railways in the History of Quebec 1854-85

by (author) Brian Young

Dene Nation

The colony within

edited by Mel Watkins

The Big Nickel

Inco at Home and Abroad

by (author) Jamie Swift

Winnipeg 1919

The Strikers' Own History of the Winnipeg General Strike: Second Edition

foreword by W.A. Pritchard
edited by Norman Penner

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