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Rome in Canada

The Vatican and Canadian Affairs in the Late Victorian Age

by (author) Roberto Perin

Middle Power Internationalism

The North-South Dimension

by (author) Cranford Pratt

Radical Mandarin

The Memoirs of Escott Reid

by (author) Escott Reid

Canada and International Civil Aviation 1932-1948

by (author) David MacKenzie

Psychology and Deterrence

by (author) Robert Jervis, Richard Ned Lebow & Janice Gross Stein

Hostage to Fortune

Bantry Bay and the Encounter with Gulf Oil

by (author) Chris Eipper

Imperial Dreams and Colonial Realities

British Views of Canada 1880-1914

by (author) R.G. Moyles
illustrated by Doug Owram

Human Rights in Canadian Foreign Policy

by (author) Robert O. Matthews & Cranford Pratt

Canada Among Nations 1987

A World of Conflict

edited by Brian Tomlin & Maureen Appel Molot

Life With Uncle

The Canadian-American Relationship

by (author) John W. Holmes

Our American Cousins

The United States through Canadian Eyes

edited by Thomas Axworthy

Canada Among Nations 1985

The Conservative Agenda

edited by Brian Tomlin & Maureen Appel Molot

Canada and the Birth of Israel

A Study in Canadian Foreign Policy

by (author) David Bercuson

The Making of a Peacemonger

The Memoirs of George Ignatieff

by (author) George Ignatieff

Canada Among Nations 1984

A Time of Transition

edited by Brian Tomlin & Maureen Appel Molot

Armies of Occupation

edited by Roy A. Prete & A. Hamish Ion

Canadian Foreign Policy, 1966-1976

Selected Speeches and Documents

by (author) Blanchette

Lorenzo Magalotti at the Court of Charles II

His Relazione d’Inghilterra of 1668

by (author) W.E. Knowles Middleton

Revolution and Survival

The Foreign Policy of Soviet Russia 1917-18

by (author) Richard Debo

Canadian Foreign Policy, 1955-1965

Selected Speeches and Documents

by (author) Blanchette

Great Britain and the Schleswig-Holstein Question 1848-64

A study in diplomacy, politics, and public opinion

by (author) Keith A.P. Sandiford

The Politics of Food

by (author) Don Mitchell

Sovereign equality among states

The history of an idea

by (author) Robert Klein

Canadian Perspectives on International Law and Organization

edited by Ronald MacDonald, Gerald Morris & Douglas Johnston

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