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United Nations Reform

edited by Eric Fawcett & Hanna Newcombe

Cohesion Policy and European Integration

Building Multi-level Governance

edited by Liesbet Hooghe

Thinkers of the Twenty Years' Crisis

Inter-War Idealism Reassessed

edited by David Long & Peter Wilson

Canadian Foreign Policy, 1977-1992

Selected Speeches and Documents

by (author) Blanchette

Federalism and International Relations

The Role of Subnational Units

edited by Hans J. Michelmann & Panayotis Soldatos

Rethinking International Relations

by (author) Fred Halliday

Discovering the Americas

The Evolution of Canadian Foreign Policy Towards Latin America

by (author) James Rochlin

World Security: The New Challenge (Dundurn Series)

by (author) Carl G. Jacobsen & Metta C. Spencer

Orphans of the Storm

Peacebuilding for Children of War

by (author) John Walker

The Rise and Fall of a Middle Power

Canadian Diplomacy from King to Mulroney

by (author) Arthur Andrew

Pandora's Box

Corporate Power, Free Trade and Canadian Education

by (author) John Calvert
with Larry Kuehn

Relocating Middle Powers

Australia and Canada in a Changing World Order

by (author) Andrew F. Cooper, Richard A. Higgott & Kim R. Nossal

Asia-Pacific Diplomacy

Nongovernmental Organizations and International Relations

by (author) Lawrence T. Woods

The Rise and Fall of Nuclearism

Fear and Faith as Determinants of the Arms Race

by (author) Sheldon Ungar

Colombia and the United States

Hegemony and Interdependence

by (author) Stephen J. Randall

Canada and the United States

The Politics of Partnership

by (author) Robert Bothwell

Canadian Foreign Policy and International Economic Regimes

edited by A. Claire Cutler

Hopes and fears

edited by Hanna Newcombe

Diefenbaker's World

A Populist in Foreign Affairs

by (author) H. Basil Robinson


Essays in Canadian-American Relations

by (author) Borderlands Project

Beyond Interdependence

The Meshing of the World's Economy and the Earth's Ecology

by (author) Jim MacNeill, Pieter Winsemius & Taizo Yakushiji

Canada Among Nations, 1990-91

After the Cold War

by (author) Fen Osler Hampson & Christopher J. Maule

Undiplomatic Notes

Tales from the Canadian Foreign Service

by (author) Sidney Freifeld

Beyond Nuclear Thinking

by (author) Robert W. Malcolmson

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