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The Phenomenal Basis of Intentionality

by (author) Angela Mendelovici

Bad Logic

Reasoning about Desire in the Victorian Novel

by (author) Daniel Wright

Human Rights: Moral or Political?

edited by Adam Etinson

The Rise and Fall of Scottish Common Sense Realism

by (author) Douglas McDermid

Sensing the Nation's Law

Historical Inquiries into the Aesthetics of Democratic Legitimacy

by (author) Stefan Huygebaert
edited by Angela Condello, Sarah Marusek & Mark Antaki

Embodiment and the Meaning of Life

by (author) Jeff Noonan

Necessary Existence

by (author) Alexander R. Pruss & Joshua L. Rasmussen

Ethical Perspectives

by (author) Jonathan Zeyl & Nathan Radke

British Ethical Theorists from Sidgwick to Ewing

by (author) Thomas Hurka

Love and Compassion

Exploring Their Role in Education

by (author) John P. Miller

Renewing Philosophy of Religion

Exploratory Essays

edited by Paul Draper & J.L. Schellenberg

Categories for the Working Philosopher

edited by Elaine Landry

Women and Liberty, 1600-1800

Philosophical Essays

edited by Jacqueline Broad & Karen Detlefsen

The Practical Turn

Pragmatism in Britain in the Long Twentieth Century

edited by Cheryl Misak & Huw Price

The Limits of Free Will

by (author) Paul Russell

Philosophical Problems

An Introductory Text in Philosophy

by (author) Peter Alward

Model-Based Demography

Essays on Integrating Data, Technique and Theory

by (author) Thomas K. Burch

Physician-Assisted Death

What Everyone Needs to Know

by (author) Wayne Sumner

Challenging the Modern Synthesis

Adaptation, Development, and Inheritance

edited by Philippe Huneman & Denis Walsh

Pilgrimage as Moral and Aesthetic Formation in Augustine's Thought

by (author) Sarah Stewart-Kroeker

Continental Realism and Its Discontents

edited by Marie-Eve Morin

Therefore Choose Life

The Found Massey Lectures

by (author) George Wald
introduction by Lewis Auerbach
foreword by Elijah Wald

Made for Happiness

Discovering the Meaning of Life with Aristotle

by (author) Jean Vanier
introduction by Ian Brown
translated by Kathryn Spink

Literary / Liberal Entanglements

Toward a Literary History for the Twenty-First Century

edited by Corrinne Harol & Mark Simpson

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