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Metaphysical Emergence

by (author) Jessica M. Wilson

Beyond Chance and Credence

A Theory of Hybrid Probabilities

by (author) Wayne C. Myrvold

Reconsidering Causal Powers

Historical and Conceptual Perspectives

edited by Henrik Lagerlund, Benjamin Hill & Stathis Psillos

Kant's Justification of Ethics

by (author) Owen Ware

The Shape of Agency

Control, Action, Skill, Knowledge

by (author) Joshua Shepherd

Rational Powers in Action

Instrumental Rationality and Extended Agency

by (author) Sergio Tenenbaum


Experience and Experiment from Antiquity to the Anthropocene

by (author) Barry Allen

Virtual Subjects, Fugitive Selves

Fernando Pessoa and his philosophy

by (author) Jonardon Ganeri

With a Clear Conscience

Business Ethics, Decision-Making, and Strategic Thinking

by (author) W. Jim Jordan, Andrew Stumpf, Chris Wass, Vanessa Correia & Dylon McChesney

Understanding Virtue

Theory and Measurement

by (author) Jennifer Cole Wright, Michael T. Warren & Nancy E. Snow

Interpreting Modernity

Essays on the Work of Charles Taylor

edited by Jacob Levy, Jocelyn Maclure & Daniel M. Weinstock

Medical Nihilism

by (author) Jacob Stegenga

Hold On

The Life, Science, and Art of Waiting

by (author) Peter Toohey

Our Fundamental Problem

A Revolutionary Approach to Philosophy

by (author) Nicholas Maxwell

Post-Hellenistic Philosophy

A Study of its Development from the Stoics to Origen

by (author) George Boys-Stones

Schelling's Philosophy

Freedom, Nature, and Systematicity

edited by G. Anthony Bruno

The Morality of Defensive Force

by (author) Jonathan Quong

Being Sure of Each Other

An Essay on Social Rights and Freedoms

by (author) Kimberley Brownlee

Kant's Transcendental Deduction

by (author) Alison Laywine

St Petersburg Dialogues

Or Conversations on the Temporal Government of Providence

by (author) Joseph de Maistre
edited by Richard A. Lebrun

Early Modern German Philosophy (1690-1750)

by (author) Corey W. Dyck

The Human Person

What Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas Offer Modern Psychology

by (author) Thomas L. Spalding, James M. Stedman, Christina L. Gagn & Matthew Kostelecky

Descartes and the Ontology of Everyday Life

by (author) Deborah J. Brown & Calvin G. Normore

The Obligation Dilemma

by (author) Ishtiyaque Haji

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