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An Introduction to Proof Theory

Normalization, Cut-Elimination, and Consistency Proofs

by (author) Paolo Mancosu, Sergio Galvan & Richard Zach

Poverty, Solidarity, and Poor-Led Social Movements

by (author) Monique Deveaux

Plato's Statesman

A Philosophical Discussion

edited by Panos Dimas & Melissa Lane
by (author) Susan Sauve Meyer

Being and Its Surroundings

by (author) Gianni Vattimo
edited by Giuseppe Iannantuono, Alberto Martinengo & Santiago Zabala
translated by Corrado Federici

Imperial Paradoxes

Training the Senses and Tasting the Eighteenth Century

by (author) Robert James Merrett

Recasting Hume and Early Modern Philosophy

Selected Essays

by (author) Paul Russell


An Ethical Art

by (author) Warren Heiti

Hope Under Oppression

by (author) Katie Stockdale

Ethics Out of Law

Hermann Cohen and the “Neighbor”

by (author) Dana Hollander

Readings in Ethics

Moral Wisdom Past and Present

edited by Louis F. Groarke, Paul V. Groarke & Paolo C. Biondi


A Study in Non-Ideal Epistemology

by (author) Endre Begby

Women and Philosophy in Eighteenth-Century Germany

edited by Corey W. Dyck

Naturally Free Action

by (author) Oisin Deery

Minor Ethics

Deleuzian Variations

edited by Casey Ford, Suzanne M. McCullagh & Karen L.F. Houle

On Life, Death, and Languages

An Arabic Critical Edition and English Translation of Epistles 29-31

by (author) Eric Ormsby

Metaphysical Emergence

by (author) Jessica M. Wilson

Beyond Chance and Credence

A Theory of Hybrid Probabilities

by (author) Wayne C. Myrvold

Reconsidering Causal Powers

Historical and Conceptual Perspectives

edited by Henrik Lagerlund, Benjamin Hill & Stathis Psillos

Kant's Justification of Ethics

by (author) Owen Ware

The Shape of Agency

Control, Action, Skill, Knowledge

by (author) Joshua Shepherd

Rational Powers in Action

Instrumental Rationality and Extended Agency

by (author) Sergio Tenenbaum


Experience and Experiment from Antiquity to the Anthropocene

by (author) Barry Allen

Virtual Subjects, Fugitive Selves

Fernando Pessoa and his philosophy

by (author) Jonardon Ganeri

With a Clear Conscience

Business Ethics, Decision-Making, and Strategic Thinking

by (author) W. Jim Jordan, Andrew Stumpf, Chris Wass, Vanessa Correia & Dylon McChesney

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