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The Secrets of Generation

Reproduction in the Long Eighteenth Century

edited by Raymond Stephanson & Darren Wagner

Reconsidering C.B. MacPherson

From Possessive Individualism to Democratic Theory and Beyond

by (author) Phillip Hansen

On 'Astronomia'

An Arabic Critical Edition and English Translation of Epistle 3

by (author) F. Jamil Ragep & Taro Mimura

Cognition, Content, and the A Priori

A Study in the Philosophy of Mind and Knowledge

by (author) Robert Hanna

Critical Thinking - Concise Edition

by (author) William Hughes & Jonathan Lavery

Christ and History

The Christology of Bernard Lonergan from 1935 to 1982

by (author) Frederick E. Crowe

Hermeneutics: A Very Short Introduction

by (author) Jens Zimmermann


A Manifesto

by (author) Eric Jarosinski

Hume's True Scepticism

by (author) Donald C. Ainslie

Mind, Language and World

The Collected Essays of Bimal Krishna Matilal Volume I

by (author) Bimal Krishna Matilal

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Volume 48

edited by Brad Inwood

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Perception

edited by Mohan Matthen

Ethics and Epics

The Collected Essays of Bimal Krishna Matilal Volume II

by (author) Bimal Krishna Matilal

Epistemology, Logic and Grammar In Indian Philosophical Analysis

by (author) Bimal Krishna Matilal

Scientific Metaphysics

edited by Don Ross, James Ladyman & Harold Kincaid

Necessary Intentionality

A Study in the Metaphysics of Aboutness

by (author) Ori Simchen

Love and Objectivity in Virtue Ethics

Aristotle, Lonergan, and Nussbaum on Emotions and Moral Insight

by (author) Robert J. Fitterer

Critical Thinking: An Introduction to the Basic Skills - Canadian Seventh Edition

by (author) William Hughes & Jonathan Lavery

The Conceptual Mind

New Directions in the Study of Concepts

edited by Eric Margolis & Stephen Laurence

Linguistic Content

New Essays on the History of Philosophy of Language

edited by Margaret Cameron & Robert J. Stainton

Weighing and Reasoning

Themes from the Philosophy of John Broome

edited by Iwao Hirose & Andrew Reisner

Enlightenment 2.0

by (author) Joseph Heath

Wittgenstein and the Study of Politics

by (author) Michael Temelini

Ethics in Canada

Ethical, Social, and Political Perspectives

edited by Karen Wendling

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