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Human Dignity and Human Rights

by (author) Pablo Gilabert

Raymond Klibansky and the Warburg Library Network

Intellectual Peregrinations from Hamburg to London and Montreal

edited by Philippe Despoix & Jillian Tomm

Monads, Composition, and Force

Ariadnean Threads through Leibniz's Labyrinth

by (author) Richard T.W. Arthur

Being for Beauty

Aesthetic Agency and Value

by (author) Dominic McIver Lopes

Form, Matter, Substance

by (author) Kathrin Koslicki

Learning to Die

Wisdom in the Age of Climate Crisis

by (author) Robert Bringhurst & Jan Zwicky

A Schizo-Philosopher's Colouring Book

by (author) Douglas Ord

Infinity, Causation, and Paradox

by (author) Alexander R. Pruss

The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory

edited by Iwao Hirose & Jonas Olson

The Problem of Nature in Hegel's Final System

by (author) Wes Furlotte

Virtue, Happiness, Knowledge

Themes from the Work of Gail Fine and Terence Irwin

edited by David O. Brink, Susan Sauve Meyer & Christopher Shields


Asking Questions - Seeking Answers

by (author) Stephen Stich & Tom Donaldson

Aristotle's Science of Matter and Motion

by (author) Christopher Byrne

Ethics without Self, Dharma without Atman

Western and Buddhist Philosophical Traditions in Dialogue

by (author) Gordon F. Davis

Stoicism: A Very Short Introduction

by (author) Brad Inwood

Pleasure: A History

edited by Lisa Shapiro

Islam, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism

by (author) Zayn R. Kassam
edited by Yudit Kornberg Greenberg & Jehan Bagli

Handbook of Legal Reasoning and Argumentation

by (author) Giorgio Bongiovanni
edited by Gerald Postema, Antonino Rotolo, Giovanni Sartor, Chiara Valentini & Douglas Walton

Seeing, Knowing, Understanding

Philosophical Essays

by (author) Barry Stroud

The Rise of Science

From Prehistory to the Far Future

by (author) Peter Shaver

Aesthetics on the Edge

Where Philosophy Meets the Human Sciences

by (author) Dominic McIver Lopes

The Limitations of the Open Mind

by (author) Jeremy Fantl

Discourse, Structure and Linguistic Choice

The Theory and Applications of Molecular Sememics

by (author) T. Price Caldwell
edited by Oliver Cresswell & Robert J. Stainton

Challenging Theocracy

Ancient Lessons for Global Politics

edited by David Tabachnick, Toivo Koivukoski & Herminio Meireles Teixeira

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