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The Thousand Islands

by (author) George Fischer

A Year on the Wild Side

A West Coast Naturalist's Almanac

by (author) Briony Penn

Birds of Western Canada 2nd Edition

by (author) DK
edited by David Bird

Birds of Eastern Canada 2nd Edition

by (author) DK
edited by David Bird

Lines on the Water

A Fisherman's Life on the Miramichi

by (author) David Adams Richards

Spectacular Northwest Territories, Canada

by (photographer) George Fischer

The Flora and Fauna of Coastal British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Collin Varner

Observations of Golden Eagles in Scotland

by (author) Adam Watson & Stuart Rae

If I Had an Old House on the East Coast

by (author) Wanda Baxter
illustrated by Kat Frick Miller

Water Rites

Reimagining Water in the West

edited by Jim Ellis
contributions by Adrian Parr, David Laidlaw, Michelle Daigle, Helen Knott, Tasha Hubbard, Nancy Tousley, Charles Tepperman, Ciara McKeown, Jodi Hilty, Aerin Jacob, Hilary Young, Kelly Zenkewich, Flora Giesbrecht, Josee Methot & Francis Anne Hopkins
by (artist) Thomas Strange, Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith, Shelly Ouellet, Leslie Sweder & Warren Cariou

Manitoba Mosaic

by (photographer) George Fischer

Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

A Complete Guide, Revised Edition

by (author) Richard Cannings, Tom Aversa & Hal Opperman

Behavior of the Golden Eagle

an illustrated ethogram

by (author) David Ellis
illustrated by John N. Schmitt

Edible and Medicinal Arctic Plants

An Inuit Elder's Perspective

by (author) Aalasi Joamie, Rebecca Hainnu & Anna Ziegler

Faroe Islands

Dancing Between Sea & Sky

by (photographer) George Fischer & Jón Gauti Jónsson

Animal Tracks of Manitoba

by (author) Ian Sheldon & Tamara Eder

Animal Tracks of Minnesota and Wisconsin

illustrated by Ian Sheldon
by (author) Tamara Eder

Animal Tracks of Alaska

by (author) Ian Sheldon & Tamara Hartson
illustrated by Gary Ross

Vascular Plants of Alberta, Part 1

Ferns, Fern Allies, Gymnosperms, and Monocots

by (author) John Packer & A. Joyce Gould

Ontario Moments

by (author) George Fischer

Imagine This Valley

Essays and Stories Celebrating the Bow Valley

edited by Stephen Legault

Photographer's Guide to Saskatchewan

by (author) Robin Karpan & Arlene Karpan

Spiders of Western Canada

by (author) John Hancock & Kathleen Hancock

Ontario Nature Guide

by (author) Krista Kagume

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