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Fire Weather

The Making of a Beast

by (author) John Vaillant

Dark Days at Noon

The Future of Fire

by (author) Edward Struzik

On Borrowed Time

North America’s Next Big Quake

by (author) Gregor Craigie

First Nations Wildfire Evacuations

A Guide for Communities and External Agencies

by (author) Tara K. McGee, Amy Cardinal Christianson & First Nations Wildfire Evacuation Partnership

British Columbia in Flames

Stories from a Blazing Summer

by (author) Claudia Cornwall

The Wake

The Deadly Legacy of a Newfoundland Tsunami

by (author) Linden MacIntyre

Atlantic Canada's Greatest Storms

by (author) Dan Soucoup

Captured by Fire

Surviving British Columbia's New Wildfire Reality

by (author) Chris Czajkowski & Fred Reid

What You Take with You

Wildfire, Family and the Road Home

by (author) Therese Greenwood

River of Fire

Conflict and Survival on the Seal River

by (author) Hap Wilson

Into the Fire

The Fight to Save Fort McMurray

by (author) Jerron Hawley, Graham Hurley & Steve Sackett

Inside the Inferno

A Firefighter's Story of the Brotherhood That Saved Fort McMurray

by (author) Damian Asher
with Omar Mouallem

The Sea Was in Their Blood

The Disappearance of the Miss Ally's Five-Man Crew

by (author) Quentin Casey

The Great Kananaskis Flood

A Disaster That Forever Changed the Face of Kananaskis Country

by (author) Gillean Daffern & Derek Ryder

The Chinchaga Firestorm

When the Moon and Sun Turned Blue

by (author) Cordy Tymstra

Four Billion Years and Counting

Canada's Geological Heritage

edited by Robert Fensome, Graham Williams, Aïcha Achab, John Clague, David Corrigan, Jim Monger & Godfrey Nowlan

A History of Disaster (2nd edition)

The Worst Storms, Accidents, and Conflagrations in Atlantic Canada

by (author) Ken Smith

Coping with Calamity

Environmental Change and Peasant Response in Central China, 1736-1949

by (author) Jiayan Zhang

Flood Forecast

Climate Risk and Resiliency in Canada

by (author) Kerry Freek & Robert William Sandford

The August Gales

The Tragic Loss of Fishing Schooners in the North Atlantic 1926 and 1927

by (author) Gerald Hallowell

The Discovery of Weather

Stephen Saxby, the tumultuous birth of weather forecasting, and Saxby's Gale of 1869

by (author) Jerry Lockett

In the Path of An Avalanche

A True Story

by (author) Vivien Bowers

Blown Away: A year through the lens of The Tornado Hunter

A year through the lens of The Tornado Hunter

photographs by Greg Johnson
foreword by George Kourounis
designed by Serge Bourgault
edited by Tammy Robert

Fire Management in the American West

Forest Politics and the Rise of Megafires

by (author) Mark Hudson

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