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Where They Need Me

Local Clinicians and the Workings of Global Health in Haiti

by (author) Pierre Minn

The Killer's Henchman

Capitalism and the Covid-19 Disaster

by (author) Stephen Gowans

My Choice

The Ethical Case Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

by (author) Julie Ponesse

Sharing the Burden of Sickness

A History of Healing and Medicine in Accra

by (author) Jonathan Roberts

Misunderstanding Health

Making Sense of America's Broken Health Care System

by (author) Rohit Khanna

Increase your Brainability - and reduce your risk of dementia

by (author) Charles Alessi, Larry W. Chambers & Muir Gray

Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

Four Weeks that Shaped a Pandemic

by (author) Bonnie Henry & Lynn Henry

Health Matters

Evidence, Critical Social Science, and Health Care in Canada

edited by Eric Mykhalovskiy, Jacqueline Choiniere, Pat Armstrong & Hugh Armstrong

Sick of the System

Why the COVID-19 recovery must be revolutionary

contributions by James T. Brophy, nicole marie burton, John Clarke, Anita Girvan, Harry Glasbeek, Hugh Goldring, Dallas Hunt, Andrew Jackson, Emma Jackson, El Jones, Margaret M. Keith, Gary Kinsman, Julie S. Lalonde, Wayne Lewchuk, Robyn Maynard, Jane E. McArthur, Alexander McClelland, Karen Messing, Justin Piché, Elaine Power, Gina Starblanket, Jamie Swift, Richard Swift, Kai Cheng Thom & Alberto Toscano

Getting Health Reform Right, Anniversary Edition

by (author) Marc J. Roberts, William Hsiao, Peter Berman & Michael R. Reich

Thinking Differently about HIV/AIDS

Contributions from Critical Social Science

edited by Eric Mykhalovskiy & Viviane Namaste

Social Class and the Treatment of Alcoholism

An investigation of social class as a determinant of diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy

by (author) Wolfgang Schmidt, Reginald G. Smart & Marcia K. Moss

Health Equity in a Globalizing Era

Past Challenges, Future Prospects

by (author) Ronald Labonte & Arne Ruckert

A Doctor's Quest

The Struggle for Mother-and-Child Health Around the Globe

by (author) Gretchen Roedde

Deep Water Dream

A Medical Voyage of Discovery in Rural Northern Ontario

by (author) Gretchen Roedde

Doctors and Doctrines

The Ideology of Medical Care in Canada

by (author) Bernard Blishen

The General Practitioner

by (author) Kenneth Clute

Textbook of Global Health

by (author) Anne-Emanuelle Birn, Yogan Pillay & Timothy H. Holtz

Drug Policy and the Public Good

by (author) Thomas Babor, Jonathan Caulkins, Benedikt Fischer, David Foxcroft & Keith Humphreys

All Together Healthy

A Canadian Wellness Revolution

by (author) Andrew MacLeod

Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health

The role of nature in improving the health of a population

edited by Matilda van den Bosch & William Bird

A Woman's Guide to Living with Heart Disease

by (author) Carolyn Thomas
foreword by Martha Gulati

The Lomidine Files

The Untold Story of a Medical Disaster in Colonial Africa

by (author) Guillaume Lachenal
translated by Noémi Tousignant

Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist

A Doctor Reflects on Ten Years at a Refugee Clinic

by (author) Martina Scholtens

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