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Code White

Sounding the Alarm on Violence against Health Care Workers

by (author) Margaret M. Keith & James T. Brophy


Childhood Trauma, Adult Illness, and the Need for a Health Care Revolution

by (author) Robert Maunder & Jonathan Hunter

Creative Clinical Teaching in the Health Professions

by (author) Sherri Melrose, Caroline Park & Beth Perry

The Humoral Herbal

A Practical Guide to the Western Energetic System

by (author) Stephen Taylor

Supporting Children and Their Families Facing Health Inequities in Canada

edited by Miriam J. Stewart

Picturing Punishment

The Spectacle and Material Afterlife of the Criminal Body in the Dutch Republic

by (author) Anuradha Gobin

Oxford Textbook of Pediatric Pain

edited by Bonnie J. Stevens, Gareth Hathway & William T. Zempsky

Supporting Children and Their Families Facing Health Inequities in Canada

edited by Miriam J. Stewart

Shame 4.0

Investigating an Emotion in Digital Worlds and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by (author) Claude-H Mayer
edited by Elisabeth Vanderheiden & Paul T.P. Wong

Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Cattle

by (author) Robert Blair

Increase your Brainability - and reduce your risk of dementia

by (author) Charles Alessi, Larry W. Chambers & Muir Gray

Pediatric Head and Neck Textbook

Pathology, Surgery and Imaging

by (author) Paolo Campisi
edited by Vito Forte, Bo-Yee Ngan & Glenn Taylor

Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully

An Evidence-Based Intervention for Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers

by (author) Gary Rodin & Sarah Hales

The Menopause Manifesto

Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism

by (author) Jen Gunter

Epidemiology for Canadian Students

Principles, Methods, and Critical Appraisal

by (author) Scott Patten

Hijras, Lovers, Brothers

Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India

by (author) Vaibhav Saria

The War Against Viruses

How the Science of Optimal Nutrition Can Help You Win

by (author) Aileen Burford-Mason

We Can Do Better

Urgent Innovations to Improve Mental Health Access and Care

by (author) David Goldbloom

The Oxford Handbook of Neuronal Protein Synthesis

by (author) Wayne S. Sossin

Dreamers, Skeptics, and Healers

The Story of BC's Medical School

by (author) Wendy Cairns, John Cairns, David Ostrow & Gavin Stuart

Women of the Pandemic

Stories from the Frontlines of COVID-19

by (author) Lauren McKeon

Health Systems in Transition


by (author) Miguel González Block, Hortensia Reyes Morales, Lucero Cahuana Hurtado, Alejandra Balandrán & Edna Méndez

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Adolescents With Severe Personality Disorders

by (author) Lina Normandin, Karin Ensink, Alan Weiner & Otto F. Kernberg

Acute Care of At-Risk Newborns

A Resource and Learning Tool for Health Care Professionals

edited by Jill E. Boulton, Kevin Coughlin, Debra O'Flaherty & Alfonso Solimano

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