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Injury and the New World of Work

by (author) Terrence Sullivan

Global Occupational Health

edited by Tee L. Guidotti

Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals

How Drug Companies Plan to Profit from Female Sexual Dysfunction

by (author) Ray Moynihan & Barbara Mintzes

Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity

Research and Public Policy

by (author) Thomas F. Babor, Raul Caetano, Sally Casswell, Griffith Edwards & Norman Giesbrecht

Cancer Control

edited by J. Mark Elwood & Simon B. Sutcliffe

Soap and Water and Common Sense

by (author) Bonnie Henry

Florence Nightingale on Health in India

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 9

edited by Gérard Vallée

A Dictionary of Public Health

edited by John M. Last

The Flu Pandemic and You

A Canadian Guide

by (author) Vincent Lam & Colin Lee
foreword by Margaret Atwood

The HIV Pandemic

Local and global implications

edited by Eduard J. Beck, Nicholas Mays, Alan W. Whiteside & Jose M. Zuniga

The Bottom Line

The Truth Behind Private Health Insurance in Canada

by (author) Diana Gibson

Selling Sickness

How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning Us All Into Patient

by (author) Ray Moynihan & Alan Cassels

Florence Nightingale on Public Health Care

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 6

edited by Lynn McDonald

Healthier Societies

From Analysis to Action

by (author) Jody Heymann
edited by Clyde Hertzman, Morris L. Barer & Robert G. Evans

Body Counts

Medical Quantification in Historical and Sociological Perspectives//Perspectives historiques et sociologiques sur la quantification médicale

by (author) Gerard Jorland, Annick Opinel & George Weisz

Population Health

Concepts and Methods

by (author) T. Kue Young

Handbook of Rural Medicine in Australia

edited by David Wilkinson, Richard Hays, Roger Strasser & Paul Worley

No-Nonsense Guide to HIV/AIDS

by (author) Shereen Usdin

Women, Health, and Nation

Canada and the United States since 1945

by (author) Georgina Feldberg, Molly Ladd-Taylor & Alison Li

Child Health and the Environment

by (author) Donald T. Wigle

Basic Environmental Health

by (author) Annalee Yassi, Tord Kjellstrom, Theo de Kok & Tee Guidotti

Risky Business

Canada's Changing Science-Based Policy and Regulatory Regime

edited by G. Bruce Doern & Ted Reed

Pandora's Picnic Basket

The Potentials and Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods

by (author) Alan McHughen

Clear Answers

The Economics and Politics of For-Profit Medicine

by (author) Kevin Taft & Gillian Steward

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