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New Governance of Addictive Substances and Behaviours

by (author) Peter Anderson, Fleur Braddick, Patricia J. Conrod, Antoni Gual & Matilda Hellman

Access to Medicines as a Human Right

Implications for Pharmaceutical Industry Responsibility

by (author) Lisa Forman & Jillian Clare Kohler

Disease Prevention

A Critical Toolkit

by (author) John Frank, Ruth Jepson & Andrew J. Williams

Community Nutrition for Developing Countries

edited by Norman J. Temple & Nelia Steyn

Patiently Waiting For…

by (author) Jeff Nisker

Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes

by (author) Michael F. Drummond, Mark J. Sculpher, Karl Claxton, Greg L. Stoddart & George W. Torrance

Cleaner, Greener, Healthier

A Prescription for Stronger Canadian Environmental Laws and Policies

by (author) David R. Boyd

Impact of Addictive Substances and Behaviours on Individual and Societal Well-being

edited by Peter Anderson, Jurgen Rehm & Robin Room

Politics in the Corridor of Dying

AIDS Activism and Global Health Governance

by (author) Jennifer Chan

Medical Transitions in Twentieth-Century China

edited by Bridie Andrews & Mary Brown Bullock
contributions by Yi-Li Wu, Nicole E. Barnes, Carol A. Benedict, Liping Bu, Chen Ling, Xiaoping Fang, Cheng Zhen, Rachel Core, Miriam Gross, Lincoln C. Chen, Xi Gao, Sonya Grypma, Veronica Pearson, Volker Scheid, Yu Xinzhong, Zhang Daqing, Ka-Wai Fan, Tina Phillips Johnson, Michelle Renshaw, John R. Watt & Sean H.-.L. Lei

No Accident

Eliminating Injury and Death on Canadian Roads

by (author) Neil Arason

Childhood Obesity

Ethical and Policy Issues

by (author) Kristin Voigt, Stuart G. Nicholls & Garrath Williams

Ensuring a Sustainable Future

Making Progress on Environment and Equity

edited by Jody Heymann & Magda Barrera


A Brother Finds Answers in Biological Science

by (author) Ronald Chase

Health Promotion and the Policy Process

edited by Carole Clavier & Evelyne de Leeuw

The Oxford Handbook of Health Economics

edited by Sherry Glied & Peter C. Smith

Community-Based Prevention

Reducing the Risk of Cancer and Chronic Disease

by (author) David McLean, Dan Williams, Hans Krueger & Sonia Lamont

Community-Based Prevention:

Reducing the Risk of Cancer and Chronic Disease

by (author) David McLean, Dan Williams, Hans Krueger & Sonia Lamont

Global Public Health

Ecological Foundations

by (author) Franklin White, Lorann Stallones & John M. Last

The Last Plague

Spanish Influenza and the Politics of Public Health in Canada

by (author) Mark Osborne Humphries

Protecting Childhood in the AIDS Pandemic

Finding Solutions that Work

edited by Jody Heymann, Lorraine Sherr & Rachel Kidman

Being Relational

Reflections on Relational Theory and Health Law

edited by Jocelyn Downie & Jennifer J. Llewellyn

Nutrition Policy in Canada, 1870-1939

by (author) Aleck Samuel Ostry

The Culture of Flushing

A Social and Legal History of Sewage

by (author) Jamie Benidickson

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