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Alone Together

Poetics of the Passions in Late Medieval Iberia

by (author) Henry Berlin

Erasmus on Literature

His Ratio or ‘System' of 1518/1519

edited by Mark Vessey
translated with commentary by Robert D. Sider
foreword by Anthony Grafton

The Grammar Rules of Affection

Passion and Pedagogy in Sidney, Shakespeare, and Jonson

by (author) Ross Knecht

Gifts and Graces

Prayer, Poetry, and Polemic from Lancelot Andrewes to John Bunyan

by (author) David Gay

Social Justice in Spanish Golden Age Theatre

edited by Erin Cowling, Tania de Miguel Magro, Mina Garcia Jordán & Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas

Ovid and Masculinity in English Renaissance Literature

edited by John S. Garrison & Goran Stanivukovic

Death and Disorder

A History of Early Modern England, 1485-1690

by (author) Ken MacMillan

The Italian Novella and Shakespeare's Comic Heroines

by (author) Melissa Walter

Premodern Ecologies in the Modern Literary Imagination

edited by Vin Nardizzi & Tiffany Jo Werth

George Chapman

A Critical Study

by (author) Millar MacLure

Sonnets of Louise Labé

by (author) Louise Labé
translated by Alta Lind Cook

The Ash Wednesday Supper

A New Translation

by (author) Giordano Bruno & Massimo Ciavolella/Luigi Ballerini
edited by Hilary Gatti

Wooden Os

Shakespeare’s Theatres and England’s Trees

by (author) Vin Nardizzi

Renaissance Texts, Medieval Subjectivities

Rethinking Petrarchan Desire from Wyatt to Shakespeare

by (author) Danila Sokolov

Poets, Players, and Preachers

Remembering the Gunpowder Plot in Seventeenth-Century England

by (author) Anne James

Culinary Shakespeare

Staging Food and Drink in Early Modern England

edited by David B. Goldstein & Amy L. Tigner

This Distracted Globe

Worldmaking in Early Modern Literature

edited by Marcie Frank
by (author) Jonathan Goldberg & Karen Newman

Knights in Arms

Prose Romance, Masculinity, and Eastern Mediterranean Trade in Early Modern England, 1565-1655

by (author) Goran Stanivukovic

Doppelgänger Dilemmas

Anglo-Dutch Relations in Early Modern English Literature and Culture

by (author) Marjorie Rubright

Dantean Dialogues

Engaging with the Legacy of Amilcare Iannucci

edited by Margaret (Maggie) Kilgour & Elena Lombardi

The Library of the Sidneys of Penshurst Place circa 1665

edited by Germaine Warkentin, Joseph Black & William Bowen

Marvellous Repossessions

The Tempest, Globalization and The Waking Dream of Paradise

by (author) Jonathan Gil Harris

Magic and Masculinity in Early Modern English Drama

by (author) Ian McAdam

Renaissance Tropologies

The Cultural Imagination of Early Modern England

edited by Jeanne Shami

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