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Renaissance Tropologies

The Cultural Imagination of Early Modern England

edited by Jeanne Shami

De interpretatione recta - De la traduction parfaite

by (author) Leonardo Bruni
translated by Charles Le Blanc

Volpone, or The Fox

Ben Johnson

edited by Brian Parker

'Household Business'

Domestic Plays of Early Modern England

by (author) Viviana Comensoli

Chamber Music

Elizabethan Sonnet-Sequences and the Pleasure of Criticism

by (author) Roger Kuin

Vagrant Writing

Social and Semiotic Disorders in the English Renaissance

by (author) Barry Taylor

The View from Minerva's Tower

Learning and Imagination of the Anatomy of Melancholy

by (author) Eleanor Patricia Vicari

Plato Baptized

Towards the Interpretation of Spenser's Mimetic Fictions

by (author) Elizabeth Bieman

The Structures of Sidney's Arcadia

by (author) Nancy Lindheim

Christening Pagan Mysteries

Erasmus in Pursuit of Wisdom

by (author) Marjorie O'Rourke Boyle


Shakespeare and the Art of illusion

by (author) Anthony Dawson

Role-playing in Shakespeare

by (author) Thomas F. Van Laan

Francesco Guicciardini

The Historian's Craft

by (artist) Mark Phillips

Science and the Human Comedy

Natural Philosophy in French Literature from Rabelais to Maupertuis

by (author) Harcourt Brown

Some Facets of King Lear

Essays in Prismatic Criticism

edited by Rosalie Colie & F.T. Flahiff

Under Pretext of Praise

Satiric Mode in Erasmus' Fiction

by (author) Geraldine Thompson

Crispin Ier

La Vie et l'œuvre de Raymond Poisson comédien-poète du XVIIe siècle

edited by A. Ross Curtis

Shakespeare 1971

Proceedings of the World Shakespeare Congress Vancouver, August 1971

edited by Clifford Leech & John Margeson

An Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Nature

by (author) Nathaniel Culverwell
edited by Robert Greene & Hugh MacCallum

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