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Friendship and the Novel

edited by Allan Hepburn

Marguerite Yourcenar's Hadrian

Writing the Life of a Roman Emperor

by (author) Keith Bradley

The Image of Celestina

Illustrations, Paintings, and Advertisements

by (author) Enrique Fernández

Nothing Pure

Jewish Law, Christian Supersession, and Bible Translation in Old English

by (author) Mo Pareles

Labrador, A Reader's Guide

by (author) Robin McGrath

Localism in Hellenistic Greece

edited by Sheila Ager & Hans Beck

Sea Run

Notes on John Thompson’s Stilt Jack

by (author) Peter Sanger


A Cartography

edited by Greg Bird & Giovanbattista Tusa

On Mennonite/s Writing

Selected Essays

by (author) Hildi Froese Tiessen
introduction by Robert Zacharias

The Contemporary Leonard Cohen

Response, Reappraisal, and Rediscovery

edited by Kait Pinder & Joel Deshaye

The Cancer Plot

Terminal Immortality in Marvel’s Moral Universe

by (author) Reginald Wiebe & Dorothy Woodman

Reimagining Illness

Women Writers and Medicine in Eighteenth-Century Britain

by (author) Heather Meek

Numinous Seditions

Interiority and Climate Change

by (author) Tim Lilburn

Rudy Wiebe

Essays On His Works

edited by Bianca Lakoseljac

Daddy Lessons

by (author) Steacy Easton


Jewish Stories Translated from 18 Languages

edited by Nora Gold

The Party's Over: The Case for a Canadian Rebellion

by (author) Darry Marengere & Dave Myatt

I’mpossible collab

by (author) Klara du Plessis

Beyond Human

Decentring the Anthropocene in Spanish Ecocriticism

edited by Maryanne L. Leone & Shanna Lino

Do You Want to Be Happy and Write?

Critical Essays on Michael Ondaatje

edited by Robert Lecker

The Crimean War and Cultural Memory

The War France Won and Forgot

by (author) Sima Godfrey

Not Hockey

Critical Essays on Canada’s Other Sport Literature

edited by Angie Abdou & Jamie Dopp

Borderblur Poetics

Intermedia and Avant-Gardism in Canada, 1963-1988

by (author) Eric Schmaltz

Matria Redux

Caribbean Women Novelize the Past

by (author) Tegan Zimmerman

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