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Browse Books in Caribbean & Latin American

Orwell in Cuba

How 1984 Came to Be Published in Castro’s Twilight

by (author) Frédérick Lavoie
translated by Donald Winkler

An Introduction to Octavio Paz

by (author) Alberto Ruy-Sánchez

Textual Exposures

Photography in Twentieth Century Latin American Narrative Fiction

by (author) Dan Russek

My Havana

The Musical City of Carlos Varela

edited by Maria Carida Cumana, Karen Dubinsky & Xenia Reloba de la Cruz

Sandino's Nation

Ernesto Cardenal and Sergio Ramírez Writing Nicaragua, 1940-2012

by (author) Stephen Henighan

Creativity and Science in Contemporary Argentine Literature

Between Romanticism and Formalism

by (author) Joanna Page

From Sugar to Revolution

Women’s Visions of Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic

by (author) Myriam J.A. Chancy

What’s a Black Critic To Do II

Interviews, Profiles and Reviews of Black Writers

by (author) Donna Bailey Nurse

Violence in Argentine Literature and Film (1989-2005)

edited by Carolina Rocha & Elizabeth Montes Garces

Literary Cultures of Latin America: A Comparative History 3-Volume Set

edited by Mario J. Valdes & Djelal Kadir

I Know Who I Am

A Caribbean Woman's Identity in Canada

by (author) Yvonne Bobb-Smith

Between Babel and Pentecost

Transnational Pentecostalism in Africa and Latin America

edited by Andre Corten & Ruth R. Marshall-Fratani

Writing from the Borderlands

A Study of Chicano, Afro-Caribbean and Native Literatures in North America

by (author) Carmen Caliz-Montroro

Play and the Picaresque

Lazarillo de Tormes, Libro de Manuel and Match Ball

by (author) Gordana Yovanovich

The Hermeneutics of Poetic Sense

by (author) Mario Valdes

The Places Where Names Vanish

by (author) Stephen Henighan

Dark Antonyms and Paradise

The Poetry of Rienzi Crusz

by (author) Chelva Kanaganayakam