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Graeme Gibson Interviews Alice Munro

From Eleven Canadian Novelists Interviewed by Graeme Gibson

by (author) Graeme Gibson
interviewee Alice Munro

The Public Intellectual and the Culture of Hope

by (author) Joel Faflak & Jason Haslam

Greening the Maple

Canadian Ecocriticism in Context

edited by Ella Soper & Nicholas Bradley
contributions by Northrop Frye, Margaret Atwood, Rosemary Sullivan, Sherrill E. Grace, Heather Murray, D.M.R. Bentley, Laurie Ricou, Linda Hutcheon, Gabriele Helms, Susie O'Brien, Jenny Kerber, Catriona Sandilands, Cheryl Lousley, Linda Morra, Stephanie Posthumus, Elise Salaun, Rita Wong, Misao Dean, Carrie Dawson, Pamela Banting, Adam Dickinson, Travis V. Mason & Nelson Gray

The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captaine Thomas James

edited by Colleen Franklin

High Bright Buggy Wheels (Kobo)

by (author) Luella Creighton


The Best of BC BookWorld

edited by Alan Twigg

Best Canadian Essays 2013

edited by Christopher Doda & Stephen Marche

The Oxford Book of Canadian Verse (Kobo)

edited by Wilfred Campbell

Rewriting the Break Event

Mennonites and Migration in Canadian Literature

by (author) Robert Zacharias

The Metaphor of Celebrity

Canadian Poetry and the Public, 1955-1980

by (author) Joel Deshaye

A Candle to Light the Sun (Kobo)

by (author) Patricia Blondal


Busting the Real Story of Lisa Moore's Caught

by (author) Mike Landry

The Oxford Book of Canadian Verse

edited by Wilfred Campbell

High Bright Buggy Wheels

by (author) Luella Creighton

The Mystery Shopping Cart:

A collection of essays, reviews, and interviews that offer insight into contemporary Canadian poetry and culture

by (author) Anita Lahey

The Newfoundland Diaspora

Mapping the Literature of Out-Migration

by (author) Jennifer Bowering Delisle

Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory

Essays in Honour of Barbara Godard

edited by Eva C. Karpinski, Jennifer Henderson, Ian Sowton & Ray Ellenwood


Intersections between Canadian Literature and Film

edited by David R. Jarraway

Canadian Stories of the Sea (Kobo)

edited by Victor Suthren

Selected Letters of Stephen Leacock (Kobo)

edited by David Staines

The Oxford Companion to Canadian Theatre (Kobo)

edited by Eugene Benson & L.W. Conolly

In Search of Canadian Liberalism (Kobo)

by (author) Frank H. Underhill & Kenneth Dewar

The Undiscovered Country

Essays in Canadian Intellectual Culture

by (author) Ian Angus

Archibald Lampman

Memory, Nature, Progress

by (author) Eric Ball

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