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Speak English or What?

Codeswitching and Interpreter Use in New York City Courts

by (author) Philipp Sebastian Angermeyer

Methodologies in Semantic Fieldwork

edited by M. Ryan Bochnak & Lisa Matthewson

The Architecture of Determiners

by (author) Thomas Leu

Relabeling in Language Genesis

by (author) Claire Lefebvre

Barrio Democracy in Latin America

Participatory Decentralization and Community Activism in Montevideo

by (author) Eduardo Canel

Tellings from Our Elders: Lushootseed syeyehub

Volume 1: Snohomish Texts

by (author) David Beck & Thom Hess
as told by Martha Williams Lamont, Elizabeth Charles Krise, Edward Sam & Agnes Jules James

Syntax and its Limits

edited by Raffaella Folli, Christina Sevdali & Robert Truswell

Making Sense out of Meaning

An Essay in Lexical Semantics

by (author) Walter Hirtle

Nature and Origin of Language

by (author) Denis Bouchard

The Nature and Origin of Language

by (author) Denis Bouchard

Aspects of Split Ergativity

by (author) Jessica Coon

Language, Music, and the Brain

A Mysterious Relationship

edited by Michael A. Arbib

The Breathless Zoo

Taxidermy and the Cultures of Longing

by (author) Rachel Poliquin

Dans tous les sens du terme

edited by Jean Quirion, Loïc Depecker & Louis-Jean Rousseau

Count and Mass Across Languages

edited by Diane Massam

Linguistic Anthropology

A Brief Introduction

by (author) Marcel Danesi

Ukrainian Through its Living Culture

Advanced Level Language Textbook

by (author) Alla Nedashkivska

The Violence of Victimhood

by (author) Diane Enns

Nooksack Place Names

Geography, Culture, and Language

by (author) Allan Richardson & Brent Galloway

The Anthropology of Extinction

Essays on Culture and Species Death

edited by Genese Marie Sodikoff
contributions by Peter Whiteley, Jill Constantino, Bernard C. Perley, Tracey Heatherington, Laurie R. Godfrey, Emilienne Rasoazanabary, Paul B. Garrett, Gregory Forth, Michael Hathaway & Janet Chernela

Tense and Aspect in Modern Colloquial Japanese

by (author) Matsuo Soga

Witsuwit'en Grammar

Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology

by (author) Sharon Hargus

Lexicon of Reconstructed Pronunciation

in Early Middle Chinese, Late Middle Chinese, and Early Mandarin

by (author) Edwin G. Pulleyblank

Middle Chinese

A Study in Historical Phonology

by (author) Edwin G. Pulleyblank

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