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The Peruvian Labyrinth

Polity, Society, Economy

edited by Maxwell A. Cameron & Philip Mauceri

The Lillooet Language

Phonology, Morphology, Syntax

by (author) Jan Van Eijk

The Inheritance and Innateness of Grammars

edited by Myrna Gopnik

Blackfoot Grammar

Third Edition

by (author) Donald G. Frantz

Take My Words

A Wordaholic's Guide to the English Language

by (author) Howard Richler

The Linguistics Wars

by (author) Randy Allen Harris

Amazing Grace

Evangelicalism in Australia, Britain, Canada, and the United States

by (author) George A. Rawlyk & Mark A. Noll

The Place of Emotion in Argument

by (author) Douglas Walton

Talk Talk Talk

by (author) Jay I.A.I.N. Ingram

Social and Regional Factors in Canadian English

A Study of Phonological Variables and Grammatical Items in Ottawa and Vancouver

by (author) Gaelan T. De Wolf

Processing Varieties in English

An Examination of Oral and Written Speech across Genres

by (author) Marcia Macaulay

Linguistic Aspects of Legislative Expression

by (author) Frederick Bowers


by (author) Burbridge

Linguistics, Literary Analysis, and Literary Translation

by (author) Henry Schogt

The Meaning Of Language

by (author) Robert M. Martin

A Literary and Linguistic History of New Brunswick

by (author) Reavley Gair

Semantics of the English Subjunctive

by (author) Francis James

A Sarcee Grammar

by (author) Eung-Do Cook

La Littérature Occitane du Moyen Age

Bibliographie Sélective et Critique

by (author) Robert A. Taylor

Sémantique synchronique

synonymie, homonymie, polysémie

by (author) Henry Schogt

Weighting Evidence in Language and Literature

A Statistical Approach

by (author) Barron Brainerd

It's Greek to the Computer

by (author) Andrew Q. Morton & Alban D. Winspear

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